How to Be Truly Awesome in a Sea of Sales Mediocrity

Why do some sales people seem to have no problem killing it day in and day out, while others struggle just to meet quota?

Do you ever find yourself getting jealous and angry at salespeople who succeed with little effort?

They’ve got to be doing something different, don’t they?

Well, they do these things – what about you?

1. Do the tough things no one else wants to do. 

To get to a place of greater success in your profession, it makes sense that you’ve got to take different actions. A nightmare client, seemingly dead-end objections – awesome sales people find a way to succeed where others don’t.

2. Only focus on what you can control. 

Was your customer challenging, to say the least? Did they have ridiculous demands? Did they want to call at absurd times?

Even if your customer was 90% at fault, focus only on what you could have done better in that situation.

How will you ever improve if all you think about is what the customer did that bothered you?

3. Be the first to give relentlessly and with no expectation of anything in return. 

Graciousness is one of the best ways to sell. This could be something as simple as a compliment on your prospect’s website.

Or, maybe you research your client online and notice they’ve been mentioned in an important industry publication.

4. Learn how to work on what moves your career forward.

Americans tend to work long hours. But are they really all necessary? Or, are they used to live up to the American ideals of hard work and sacrifice?

When you work, focus your time on activities that make you a better sales person or that close your sales faster.

Busywork keeps you busy and employed, but you also don’t increase your skills.

So you stay in the same psychological place and make the same salary year after year…

5. See situations that don’t work out as opportunities for learning. 

It’s natural to get negative and upset with yourself when you don’t close a big sale or as many as you’d like.

But don’t stay in that mindset!

You don’t learn and grow as a sales pro when you roll in your own mental filth like that.

The best thing to do is to see what you can learn from those situations and move on.

Maybe that leads you to a powerful realization – that you’re not cut out for sales. If so, that’s okay – at least you can continue to progress in your life.

6. Know how to stay motivated. 

It’s tough to bring it day in and day out for weeks, months, years, and decades at a time. It’s unreasonable that you stay spot-on every day.

But you should know how to perform at a reasonably high level more often than not. If that doesn’t sound like you, it’s time to look at your life and make changes.

Should you eat healthier or exercise more? Do you need to limit time with negative people?

Everything in your life either adds to your energy or subtracts from it. Fine-tune everything around you to the extent that you can so you do your best.

You’ll feel better, and you’ll have happier relationships with the most important people in your life.

Being Awesome is a Way of Life…

And let me say – it’s not easy to get there. But as you continue to grow as a person and sales professional, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.