B2B Appointment Setting With A Technology Advantage …Our Platform Enables 1000 Dials A Day For Our Reps!

The Bridge Group says that the average sales development rep is making 52 dials/day (inside sales reps average 39). Well…. our reps are averaging 50 conversations/day! (No, this is not a typo). So imagine what 10x the call velocity (or fact we are averaging more conversations per day than most reps dial) can do for your sales pipeline.

We’ll line up so many appointments for your sales team they’ll be begging us to stop (well…not really).

The OutboundOnDemand Difference

Why is this service like nothing you’ve ever seen before? At the High Level:

  • Sheer Velocity – Our secret sauce is that we use ConnectAndSell Lightning under the hood – so we are making 10x the dials (1k+ dials/day) while others are lucky to be doing more than 50-75 dials/day. When you are making 10x the dials, and having 10x the conversations, good things happen.
  • Full Transparency – Because we are using our Sales Acceleration Platform, there is full transparency into the process because everything is tracked – you can login to the dashboard and see dials/connects/appointments and other vital statistics whenever you want. Further, you can also listen in to the call live or later listen to recordings, helping to improve/change messaging in real time – not waiting weeks into the future to assess if your product/service is being represented correctly.
  • Priced by the Dial – We charge by the dial because we believe the old pricing models of appointment setting are antiquated. And good news for you…. it turns out we are typically 80% less than many folks pay to staff in house. And because you control the list and the message (though we typically improve them both with you), you are directly involved in helping optimize your ROI.

Benefits Still Unclear? Here’s Some More

  • Concentration of conversations on a smaller number of higher quality reps
  • 10X reduction in staff to be hired, ramped, trained and familiarized with the message and value proposition.
  • Faster delivery of results, accelerating pipeline development and reducing lead-to-close cycle time.
  • Increases appointment-per-day throughput by 10X per rep.
  • Supports rapid iteration and tuning of the message, reducing startup time and maximizing conversation-to-meeting yields.
  • Instant injection and immediate calling of inbound leads, leveraging the skills and training of the same rep(s) who are also executing outbound campaigns, with 5X+ uplift in response and meetings rates due to the prompt outreach.
  • Automated follow up for all “Busy – call back” and equivalent dispositions, generally doubling overall yield and coverage with meaningful conversations.
  • Granular, consistent recording and reporting of every dial, resulting in automatic list cleansing for bad numbers, person left and other list hygiene issues.
  • Standardized disposition management for reporting and analyzing conversation results.
  • Automated referral management, further increasing meeting throughput and yields by maximizing the number of call attempts to qualified decision makers based on the freshest information.
  • Automatic 2-channel call recording with playback to support offline rep quality and message effectiveness analysis and improvement, supporting continuous increase in yields throughout the campaign.

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