Company Overview

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What We Do

Since 2007 ConnectAndSell has helped sales representatives at nearly 1000 companies, including hundreds of technology startups and several Fortune 500 companies, overcome the challenges of getting people on the phone. We help companies grow their revenues faster than it’s practical to grow their sales teams by allowing existing reps to have more sales conversations in 90 minutes than they would otherwise achieve in an entire week.

How We Can Help You

ConnectAndSell’s technology enabled service overcomes the limitations of commonly used predictive dialers and increases the average of number of live conversations per rep by a factor of 5x-8x. There is:

  • No Dialing
  • No Voice-mail
  • No IVR phone directories to navigate
  • No Gate-keepers

ConnectAndSell is the first sales acceleration solution that dramatically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of critical business functions like outbound prospecting, qualifying marketing leads, channel market development and more.

How We Do It

We achieve this through a combination of patented technology and minimal human agent touch. Your reps log into our cloud app, dial into a conference bridge, pick a list, and push GO! 2-3 minutes later they are talking to someone on that list. To the person they’re talking to, it’s a perfectly normal phone call. But your rep just saved a frustrating hour of navigating phone systems & gatekeepers only to end up in voicemail. ConnectAndSell integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics ensuring that your system of record is always up to date.