Multi channel touch cadences (call, email, voicemail, social media) have been integral to sales development outreach methodologies for some time now. Recent emergence of Account Based Marketing or Account Based Sales Development approaches have put renewed rigor and focus back on the need to touch prospects at the right time via the right medium. ConnectAndSell has been empowering 10x dials per day for sales development reps and due to our unprecedented calling velocity we have facilitated sales acceleration and sales cycle compression like never before. As a result, we have also been exposed to some of the best and leading industry practices when it comes to multi touch success. PredictivePursuit is codification of highly customized touch cadences (dial attempts / emails / voicemails  with templates) culminating from years of experience in improving conversion yields from 2x-4x across our 1000+ client base. With PredictivePursuit you can:

  • Define highly customized and automated phone, email and voicemail pursuit cadences with templates
  • Automatically disposition leads and contacts based on specialized nurture needs
  • Personalize outreach based on arbitrary cohorts of prospects all the way down to individuals
  • Get instant visibility into where the prospect is in sales cycle
  • Enable just the right amount of touch at just the right time
ConnectandSell will help you tailor and automate your sales cadences based on our proven analytics. You sit back, relax and enjoy the yields skyrocket.