Since 2007 ConnectAndSell has helped reps at over 1000 B2B companies improve productivity 5x-8x by automatically getting hard to reach decision makers on the phone for follow up and seeking referrals. Benefits include instant response to inbounds (< 5 seconds), 8x MQL conversation coverage and 10x more dials.

Whether you use auto dialer, predictive dialer or power dialer you will benefit tremendously from our patented cloud sales acceleration platform. ConnectAndSell overcomes limitations of the dialer so there is no voicemail to hang up on or gatekeeper or phone directory to navigate for your reps. ConnectAndSell allows reps to talk to more decision makers in ninety minutes than they would otherwise in a week. Reps are 100% focused on selling as CRM data entry (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Netsuite, …) and prospect follow up is fully automated. There is even a teleprompter capability that allows reps to literally type in what they want to say when we automatically get the decision maker on the phone for a follow up. As 80% of sales happen after 5th meaningful sales conversation, the pipeline increases 5x-8x when reps get lot more people on the phone and do not miss a single follow up.

Call us at 1.888.240.7377 to talk with a ConnectAndSell Conversation Expert.

Number of Dials: 00,000,000

Conversations Delivered: 0,000,000

 Satisfied Clients: 1000+

NEED Conversations?

Turbo Charge Sales Rep Efficiency by increasing sales conversations by 6-8x for YOUR Reps

NEED Appointments?

Leverage OUR Reps, delivering 1,200 Dials/Day (40-100 conversations!), setting sales appointments for your team


Last year we developed 66,000 leads…[so] it’s critical for us to have a solution like ConnectAndSell in order to handle our needs during peak periods.


Think about how long it takes to have 8 different conversations. With ConnectAndSell we average 8 conversations per hour! It’s a tremendous tool.


ConnectAndSell are a group of hyper-specialists who know how to get people “on the horn”.  We generate a lot more conversations (close to 8-10x) with ConnectAndSell.

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I would need 18 sales reps to do the work of 3 using ConnectAndSell.

Talia Brott

RingCentral buys nearly every lead available on the market for business communications in the cloud, and the ONLY way we can call them all is by using ConnectAndSell. Every time we’ve used ConnectAndSell to call a lead source, we’ve seen a 30 percent increase in conversion rates. If your sales or sales development team is making less than 10 attempts to contact each lead, then your company is leaving money on the table.

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