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ConnectAndSell combines best-in-class technology and human intelligence.
Our cloud sales acceleration platform overcomes limitations of dialers so there is no voicemail, gatekeepers or phone directories
only sales conversations and 100% automated follow up with decision makers on your list.

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Lightning is the core of our Sales Acceleration Platform.  Pick a list, press the ‘Go’ button, and in 2-5 minutes you’ll be having a sales conversation with someone from your list.  This is for Sales Reps who want to have 5-10x the number of sales conversations as they are having today.


If you need appointments for your Sales Reps then check out OutboundOnDemand.  We regularly make 1,000 Dials/Day by leveraging our flagship Lightning service.  And because we are using our platform, you get 100% transparency, in real-time, of the results of our campaigns.


If you are looking for < 5 minute response time to your Inbound Leads (or existing Leads that surpass a specific score in your Marketing Automation system), then InstantReponse is your solution.  InstantResponse is sold as a standalone Managed Service or can be included as part of your OutboundOnDemand campaigns.