We are in the midst of an exciting yet seismic change across the profession of modern sales. Improved (and much smarter) marketing tools, more compelling sales methodologies, better-designed datasets, and even the introduction of Artificial Intelligence have all lent a hand to upgraded efficiency and higher close rates. The unshakable mission of a company, however, remains constant – if not all the more elusive: “Those that dominate their market are those that are going to win.” Join Chris Beall and Corey Frank for a journey into the vast forces, best practices, and simple path that can propel your organization to reach true market dominance.

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About the Hosts

Chris Beall – Your Co-host


Chris has been participating in software start-ups as a founder or at a very early stage for most of the past 35 years. His focus has consistently been on creating and taking to market simple products that can be used successfully the first time they are touched, without taking a course or reading a manual. His belief is that the most powerful part of any software system is the human being that we inappropriately call a “user”, and that the value key in software is to let the computer do what it does well (go fast without getting bored) in order to free up human potential.

The process of finding these solutions is more of a discovery than an invention, and it has been a joy to have been lucky enough to have stumbled on a few of them. Chris Beall is Chief Executive Officer of ConnectAndSell. ConnectAndSell is a technology that gets your best sales folks 8-10x more live conversations with qualified prospects, every day. The reality of serial dialing is that the average person can’t make more than 75-100 outbound dials a day to their intended targets, which may result in 6-8 conversations with decision-makers. ConnectAndSell can make that same number of dials in less than an hour. The result? Within 2-5 minutes ConnectAndSell allows you to speak with one of your intended targets: This is true Conversations On Demand.

Corey Frank – Your Co-host

host-corey.jpgCorey Frank is – at heart – an idea guy, as well as a sales guy, who can take a good punch…repeatedly. He loves launching relevant technology, shepherding culture-rich and sales-driven organizations and cultivating teams to spark serious revenue. It’s been rumored that he’s addicted to Diet Mountain Dew, whiteboards, and a cool story. He also suffers from incurable sales ADD and is known to break out in hives upon any launch of a dry PowerPoint or uncreative and meek sales pitch.

He’s gained some street cred as an amped-up sales leader and innovative entrepreneur in roles at various technology companies. Corey brings over 20 years of battle-tested experience serving as either an early stage or founding member of sales leadership teams which have played a big part of shaping several different technology markets across the Edtech and InfoSec spaces.=

During his various tenures as head of sales across his companies – either as a co-founder, investor, or an advisor, Corey has hired and led sales and support organizations from New Brunswick to London, from New Zealand to Paris, and in his home base in the booming Silicon Desert of Phoenix, Arizona.

From founding and helping early-stage technology companies from the kitchen table phase to helping bring them all the way to IPO or strategic acquisitions totaling over $625MM, he’s also helped pitch and raise over $200MM in venture and Reg A capital.  He is the CEO and Co-founder of Branch49, a full-stack sales and marketing agency. He is a Partner and Pitch Coach with multiple #1 best-selling sales author Oren Klaff (Orenklaff.com) at PitchAnything.com, an advisor at Intersection Capital, as well as Managing Principal at UncommonPro.com, a go-to-market, B2B sales, and leadership consulting practice. He’s a very blessed husband and father of eight, and a rabid (and long-suffering) Green Bay Packers Fan.

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