Patented Cloud Sales Acceleration Platform. End Of Dialing.

We are the ONLY patented, award winning cloud solution that solves the #1 B2B sales challenge – getting hard to reach decision makers on the phone. Specific benefits include:

  • Instant Response (< 5 seconds) to inbounds and prioritized lead persistence. 800% more MQL conversation coverage.
  • Patented closed loop calling process automatically gets prospects on the line at follow up time so reps never miss a follow up
    • SDRs have 10x more sales conversations resulting in many more qualified meetings and appointments
    • Account executives and field reps increase pipeline 5x-8x
  • Automatic CRM data entry and updates

Lead generation solutions stop at sending you highly targeted leads, you still have to get those decision makers on the phone and follow up until they buy. Traditional appointment setting services get you meetings but have a high startup cost and the meetings may or may not turn in to real opportunities. You have zero visibility into that process and again need the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th follow up after the appointment to turn the appointments into dollars as 80% of sales happen after 5th meaningful touch. Since 2007, ConnectAndSell’s patented cloud sales acceleration platform has helped over 1000 B2B companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 enterprises like IBM, Dell Technologies, and Intuit solve multiple sales development challenges with one breakthrough platform: ConnectAndSell Lightning. Whether you use power dialer, predictive dialer or auto dialer you will benefit from our solution as we overcome their limitations by directly connecting the calls to decision makers on behalf of the rep so there is no hanging up on voicemail, talking to gatekeepers or navigating phone directories for the reps (our moat is patented here: 8,649,500 B1). There is no data entry for sales reps either as ConnectAndSell automatically logs all activities in CRM and sets up follow up calls automatically for effortless voice nurture. There is one click sending of follow up email from templates and even a teleprompter capability that allows reps to literally type in what they want to say when we automatically get the decision maker on the phone for a follow up. Since the reps are 100% focused on selling, rather than giving up after a few dial attempts or first conversation they never miss a follow up and persist with 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th conversations needed to make most sales happen. You can license the platform for your own reps to email and voice nurture leads or you can have our reps set appointments for your sales team. Companies can avoid significant headcount expense by allowing their best reps to produce more results faster, often 3 SDRs can do the work of 18. If you turn to our appointment settings service OutboundOnDemand we deliver appointments 4x faster at 2/3rd the cost of competitors with FULL visibility into where each dial went and access to all rep recordings.

FREE Consulting and Sales Velocity Framework for Tailored Industry Best Practices

We have over 9 years of experience delivering tens of thousands of qualified appointments be it building targeted lists based on ideal buyer profile, coaching and messaging frameworks that work or multi touch cadence strategies. We know the vendor ecosystem cold when it comes to best list providers or trainers or hiring assessments. We have distilled this wisdom into a proprietary sales development methodology called Sales Velocity Framework. Our customer success team works very closely with you to customize the framework based on your unique needs so your KPIs align with and exceed industry benchmarks.

Our platform allows managers and coaches to set real-time alerts on KPIs such as dials per meeting and intervene just in time to address list targeting, rep coaching and messaging issues that are otherwise difficult if not impossible to spot and it often takes weeks or months. The platform has powerful advanced analytics and provides ability to set automatic delivery of reports to summarize rep activity and effectiveness for quick, actionable insights. Our PredictivePursuit offering can tailor and automate some very sophisticated call / email / voicemail touch cadences to improve contact rates based on industry best practices.

How It Works

Our system is highly scalable and has made 65 million dials and delivered 3.5 million conversations.

Our cloud platform uses a combination of patented dialing technology and minimal human agent touch. Your reps log into our cloud app, dial into a conference bridge, pick a list, and push GO! 2-3 minutes later they are talking to someone on that list. To the person they’re talking to, it’s a perfectly normal phone call, there is no delay as agents never speak to the prospect and transfer the call in fraction of a second. But your rep just saved a frustrating hour of navigating phone systems & gatekeepers only to end up in voicemail.

ConnectAndSell integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Netsuite and many others ensuring that your system of record is always up to date.

For Marketing Leaders

The challenges faced by Marketing leaders today are daunting and have serious consequences for the business.

 Case in point: Sirius Decisions recently published research that  indicates 91% of the leads that Marketing sends to Sales are never spoken to as decision makers are become increasingly difficult to reach on the phone. In the face of this challenge most sales development reps typically make 50 dials a day and talk to maybe 2-3 decisions makers with the assistance of an auto dialer, if they are dialing manually their productivity is even lower. Finally the competition for top talent is as fierce as ever making it ever more difficult to recruit and retain a team of high performers.

 ConnectAndSell offers a solution to these challenges. Powered by patented technology that overcomes the limitations of an auto dialer ConnectAndSell allows SDRs to make 1000 dials a day and increase the number of meetings or demos they set for AEs by a factor of 5x-8x.  Because of the force multiplier effect of ConnectAndSell you will be able to generate more pipeline with fewer reps.  

For Sales Leaders

In a perfect world every prospect you call would be ready to buy.  Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and to realistically catch a decision maker at the right time you need to follow up on each qualified prospect at least once a quarter if not more. Because decision makers are hard to reach on the phone most Sales reps cannot talk to every MQL they receive.  Even when they can they often give up after the first conversation if the prospect is not ready to buy immediately.  Your reps waste a lot of time leaving voicemails, navigating IVR trees and talking to gatekeepers even if they use an auto dialer. As a result they don’t have the time to follow up with every prospect each and every quarter. This all leads to a predictable outcome: missed quotas.

ConnectAndSell provides a solution to these very real challenges powered by patented technology that overcomes the limitations of auto dialers and makes it possible for: 

  •  SDRs to make 1000 dials a day and increase the number of meetings or demos they set for AEs by a factor of 5x-8x


  • AEs and field reps to easily follow up on 600 or more qualified prospects at least once a quarter 

Reps using our technology easily beat quota handily. Your reps will be able to effortlessly follow up and talk to prospects throughout the year until they are ready to buy.  (Our data shows that on average 9% of follow up conversations, 16% of 3rd conversations and 25% of 4th conversations result in a sale)