ConnectAndSell InstantResponse, a Managed Service, will call your leads in < 5 seconds!

AND routinely deliver 50%+ MQL conversation coverage*

*compared to 9% industry benchmark for ‘Best in Class’

Are you calling your Leads back within 5 seconds? If not, you’re leaving A LOT of money on the table

The clock is ticking when a web form is filled out or an outbound email is responded to.  And that clock is ticking fast.

Wait just 5 seconds and your chances of talking to that prospect diminish by a factor of 5.  Wait an hour and your likelihood of connecting with them decreases by 100 times.

Qualifying leads is hard work


It’s hard to work to get into conversations with prospects.  For the best leads – those that want to talk to you about your offering, things get more difficult by orders of magnitude in minutes.     


calls-to-lead-time Source: Lead Response Management Study

Note: 9% conversation coverage is considered ‘Best in Class’

Note: 9% conversation coverage is considered ‘Best in Class’ Note: 9% conversation coverage is considered ‘Best in Class’

Most marketing and sales teams lack the resources to qualify their leads using traditional methods

Don’t get us wrong, even if you don’t respond in the first few minutes, or that lead isn’t an inbound, it can be a good lead – it just takes a lot of work to turn that marketing lead into a sales qualified lead.   That work is expensive.

There is a better way (actually two better ways):

Leverage our highly trained sales professionals to deliver more leads faster and cheaper to your sales force.

ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand with InstantResponse

Our inside sales professionals using our patented tools and processes deliver qualified leads to your sales force faster, more cost effectively and with sub-5-minute response for inbound leads.


Use our tools to dramatically improve the responsiveness and performance of your inside sales team

ConnectAndSell Lightning with InstantResponse

Use ConnectAndSell’s patented Lightning conversation management system with your inside sales team and integrated with your inbound lead delivery system to get sub-5-minute response for inbound leads and a 5 to 8X lift on your inside sales team’s performance.

Hard to believe you can get that kind of performance?

Let us prove it to you.

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