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Richie Wilson, Enjoys a 10X Multiplier!


I’ve worked in sales in different capacities over the last 10 years.  Prospecting, and or cold calling via the telephone has been something that I’ve enjoyed doing over the years, nothing can replace the value of a live conversation

I specifically remember having a dial tracker front and center for all the reps to see.  The benchmark- 100 dials a day!  You might as well have asked some of our reps to climb Everest. Every weekly sales meeting came with a chastising on making those 100 dials.  Which, was a challenge at times.  However, the truth was that most reps just weren’t willing to pound the phone just to get voicemails, no interest, etc.

Sales people do not want to spend their day mining.  They want, and should be spending their day talking to people who are qualified for their services.  The only remedy for that monotony in my opinion would be to take the busy work out of it and deliver more volume.  When I found ConnectAndSell, I realized that had not only done just that, but took accelerating business conversations to a level that didn’t exist before.  Thus, the beginning of my time at ConnectAndSell . 

I used to do about 2000 dials in a month and felt pretty darn good about myself.  At ConnectAndSell I have consistently made 1000+ attempts per day, with 25-50 conversations, and 3-5 qualified meetings.  Literally a 10x multiplier in productivity with the click of a button. There is no magic trick to it, it is simply numbers.  The more attempts I have the more conversations I have, and the more conversations I have… You get the picture.

The bottom line is I come to work every day excited, knowing that I have an edge on anyone who is doing standard dialing and even using other methods of acceleration. Nothing is better than talking to a VP of a company who wasn’t expecting my call, and him saying “So, how do you know you will connect with decision makers in our space?” And me being able to say back kindly, “we are speaking right now aren’t we?”  I love my job because of our culture, and because we have a great product.  But, the best thing about the product is it puts me in a position to sell more frequently, and more efficiently.  I laugh thinking back to the days of me staring at the ticker to see if I hit my 100 dials for the day.  I haven’t finished my cup of coffee by the time I’ve made 100 dials these days. 

Richie Wilson
Account Executive, ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand

Office: 720-370-3428

Cell: 801-643-1547