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Intro: Going Fast — Adapting to Life at 1,000 Dials a Day

ConnectAndSell delivers sales conversations very fast: numbers like 1,000 dials and 50 conversations per day are routine.

This speed naturally triggers at least 10 of these questions:

  1. Won’t our reps get burned out talking to so many people?
  2. Won’t our lists get chewed up by all those dials?
  3. Don’t our lists have to be very large to have so many dials?
  4. How can we sell strategically at such high speed?
  5. How will our reps know what to say on such short notice?
  6. How can we coach effectively at such high speed?
  7. What is the optimum sequence and cadence of touches?
  8. Does this change our ideal BDR-/SDR-to-AE ratio?
  9. Does this change how we hire?
  10. Does this change how we assign territories?
  11. Does this change how we set quotas?
  12. All those dials must add a lot of cost; how do we pay for it?

This blog series will take on these questions in depth. But, for now, here are the short answers to the above questions:

  1. No — good reps are happy talking to lots of people every day; they just hate dialing to nowhere or researching only to fail to connect with their target.
  2. No — your lists will continuously improve in every way: mechanically, target quality, and call timing.
  3. Not really – although if your target market is a small number of smallish companies, you won’t need many reps.
  4. Easily — you get intelligence about your target accounts 10x faster and then quickly tune your message to their specific needs
  5. Easily — you organize lists by themes, and then you sequence conversations for maximum impact.
  6. Easily — you coach more precisely, guided by conversation outcomes.
  7. Conversation first, then nurturing with conversations/email/social to achieve a first scheduled discovery meeting.
  8. Yes — you need fewer BDR/SDRs per AE (for two reasons: SDR/BDR efficiency; and enabling AEs to prospect effectively for themselves).
  9. Yes — include live conversation performance in the hiring process.
  10. Yes — for reps who work primarily over the phone, territory size can be increased without sacrificing coverage.
  11. Yes — you must either raise the bar, or reps will have idle time.
  12. They don’t — your cost per dial will drop, probably by 7x by amortizing each rep’s labor cost over many more dials and conversations.

10x the speed, handled right, gives you:

  1. Increased yields per dial and conversation from:
    • Better reps (1, 6, 9)
    • Better lists (2, 3, 5)
    • Better messaging (4, 6)
  2. Increased output (meetings, pipeline, deals) per rep from:
    • Optimized sales process (7)
    • More meetings per rep per day (8, 11)
    • More territory coverage per rep (10)
    • Reduced total cost per opportunity (12)
  3. Lower overall costs from:
    • Lower data costs (2, 4, 5)
    • Lower total rep labor costs (8, 10, 11, 12)
    • Lower rep labor churn (1, 6, 9, 10)

So, the answer turns out to be that a dramatic speed-up in dials per day — done right — actually improves both quantity and quality of output while driving down costs and increasing yield. This result is sufficiently surprising to be worth exploring these questions and answers, one by one, in the rest of this blog series. Stay tuned.

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