My Sales Team Made More Dials In 3 Days Than My Prior Company’s Entire Sales Staff Made in Q3!

Sound unbelievable?  YES IT DOES!  Is it TRUE?  Yes it is!  Read on to learn more…

Sales Stats


  • ConnectAndSell Denver – 3.5 business days, 9 AEs using ConnectAndSell, average dials/day per AE = 572!  18,144 total dials
  • Prior Company – 50 business days, 30 AEs using a serial dialer, average dials/day per AE = 12. 18,000 total dials

And… the cherry on top, the AEs love making more dials because the parallel dialer PLUS over 300 “Administrators” navigating switchboards on behalf of our clients (and my reps), does the heavy lifting, and the AEs put more pipeline in their funnel, and close more deals.

Happy AE

If you believe the numbers that companies like Sirius Decisions, and the Bridge Group (Trish Bertuzzi) puts out that 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact, then WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU ALLOWING YOUR SALES ORGANIZATION TO STOP AT DIAL ATTEMPT #1 OR #2!?  If a manufacturing manager told the production line team that it’s ok to skip a few bolts and don’t bother with steps 3 though 12, people would lose their jobs and people in the manufacturing plant would get hurt.

It’s no wonder why most Sales VPs tenure is 18 months – because they are letting their workers dictate how many calls are made against leads, and relying on out-dated technology to make the calls.

I wonder what would have been different had I chosen ConnectAndSell over a serial dialer at my last company?  What if Lead Gen would have made 567+ calls/day instead of 100?  What if leads were called 9 – 12 times per lead instead of 1-2.  Maybe I’ll never know.  Or then again, maybe they will give us a call when they see these stats!

Good selling, and Happy Holidays from your friends at ConnectAndSell!