Inside Sales Leaders, It’s ALL About Visibility PLUS Capacity!


Are you “flying blind” when it comes to what your sales team is working on?

Do you know the answers to the essential questions:

  • How many calls/day are my sales reps making?
  • Average talk time?
  • How many conversations it takes for sales to create an opportunity?
  • What level and type of activity do my top reps do on a daily/weekly basis?
  • Is a hunter’s activity different than a farmer’s?
  • How many calls/lead does your team make?
  • How many dials/lead is considered “optimized” for your company?  (Industry standard is 9 dial attempts per lead)
  • Do I have a prescribed process for following up with leads and contacts?

In the past several years, I’ve personally seen companies like WebEx, ON24, and Riverbed (three companies I’ve worked for from 2005 to 2012) implement a “commodity” dialer application that enables sales leaders to get a baseline and see the baseline of what’s going on with the sales team–daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.  This is a great first step and absolutely essential to know the answer to these questions.  If you don’t know the answers, companies like ConnectAndSell can help you answer them.

But wait… that’s not all.  Once you have visibility, you will find out:

  1. It takes 18 – 22 dials to have a SINGLE phone conversation! No wonder it’s quiet on the typical sales floor!
  2. 91% of marketing leads are WASTED!  Never qualified.  Why?  See point #1.  As hard as Reps try to reach them, physics won’t let them!
  3. There is an overall LACK OF CAPACITY in Inside Sales (and Sales) organizations.  Simple exercise: Calculate the # of leads generated by marketing x 9 dials/lead = Capacity needed.  Then add up the capacity you have.  By leveraging a parallel dialer like ConnectAndSell, you can add capacity at about 1/5th the cost of human capital.

Imagine if… you had a sales team of 9 Account Executives who could drive over 150 conversations in < 2 hours.  I do.  In the past, I would be LUCKY if the sales team could drive 150 conversations in one week.  Consider the value.  My sales team will be 8 – 10X more productive then my closest competitor.  If you want to learn how to 1) turn on the lights and answer the questions above, and 2) learn how your sales team could be 8-10X more productive, I’d love to chat with your Sr. Sales Leadership.  Email me anytime at!