Did the Grinch Steal Your Sales Conversations This Year!

How many sales conversations did you have between Christmas and New Years?  How many did your sales team have?  

This year’s holiday schedule is a particularly difficult one for sales managers, with Christmas and New Year’s both being on Wednesdays.  Most would view it as a lot of dead, wasted time and write the time off between the holidays as nothing more than a time to clean up work spaces, re-organize emails, and a host of other non-productive activities that don’t help drive any revenue.


Sales reps hate these days because they are coming into the office for basically no reason and managers hate them because they are wasted days in terms of opportunity to generate revenue.

I had that same train of thought until this year.  During the Thursday and Friday after Christmas I dedicated a few hours a day to try to build more pipeline and boy did I have a pleasant surprise!  Using ConnectAndSell I was able to make almost 2,000 calls, and talked to 50 targets (the vast majority were director level and above).  This turned into 5 new opportunities and added a couple hundred thousand dollars to my pipeline.  These were definitely not wasted days for me!

What were you or your sales team able to accomplish over the holidays?  To learn more about how you can have similar levels of productivity over the holidays (and even higher levels normally) reach out to myself or anyone else at ConnectAndSell and we can share with you how you can make this happen.

Jim Sexton (Jim.Sexton@connectandsell.com)