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Thanks to Craig Rosenberg, Twitter handle: @funnelholic, Co-Founder of Topo for the idea for this blog post!

How many SDRs does it take to deliver 12,904 dials in a day?  ANSWER: It depends on who you ask!

  • If you ask The Bridge Group, Trish Bertuzzi will tell you that, according to their research in the SDR Metrics and Compensation Report, the average SDR does about 52 dials/day. Which means 248 SDRs needed to deliver 12,904 dials/day.
  • If you ask TOPO, their data will show 47.5 dials/day.  Which means 272 SDRs needed to deliver 12,904 dials/day.
  • If you ask Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, or one of ConnectAndSell customers like ActOn, Concur, InfusionSoft, Marketo…  they will tell you that with Advanced Sales Acceleration Technology, all you need is…  10 SDRS.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.30.30 AM*This is the ACTUAL daily dashboard report from (from Friday, June 19th) of the ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand team, operating out of Denver, Colorado.  And the BEST PART, Reps love their jobs again.  ConnectAndSell Lightning does the “heavy lifting” for them by getting prospects on the phone, the Reps get to do what they LOVE – having conversations with prospects!

Consider what 1,000+ dial/day capacity means for CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs and VPs of Sales!  It means that revenue models can and should be re-built from the ground up, around 1,000+ dial/day capacity.  Consider for a moment what would have happened if Fred Smith, CEO of FedEx, would have build his revenue model around trucks–the way UPS did it.  UPS built their model around trucks in 1907.  Then Federal Expresscame to market on April 17th, 1973 and completely changed the world with the introduction of airplanes to the package delivery business, and a “hub and spoke system”.  ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand was launched on December 22nd, 2014, and similar to FedEx, changed business overnight.  ActOn, BigCommerce, Concur, InfusionSoft, Marketo, RingCentral… what do they have in common?  They sell to a large market, they generate a lot of leads, and they can’t hire sales people fast enough.  And before ConnectAndSell, their Reps were “driving trucks” and now they are “flying in airplanes”, enabling them to completely dominate their market.

Check out the YouTube video here:

What is the impact of 1,000+ dials/day capacity for the C Suite:

  1. market-share-580x546CEOs – It’s ALL about market share and market size.  More sales coverage of the market = more share of it.  For funded growth companies, this is the imperative – it’s do, or be killed. Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, spoke with a Managing Director of a major investment banking firm, the Managing Director shared with Chris “I had to talk with you.  We discovered that EVERY company in the Bay Area who uses ConnectAndSell is growing at 40% or more YoY.”  To which Chris responded, “And the others?”.  The Managing Director’s response, “it doesn’t matter, what matters is that EVERY company using ConnectAndSell, according to our analysis, is growing at 40% or more YoY.”  Thanks to Skip Miller (Twitter handle: @m3learning) for this perspective on market share/market size!
  2. CFOs – You see the P&L every day.  Sales & Marketing costs make up a large percentage of your overall spend. For example, IBM and Microsoft invest between 21 and 23% each year on marketing and sales.  Imagine an SDR team that has 24.7X more coverage at the same cost.  Could you get 24.7X the coverage and still maintain the 21 – 23% investment on marketing and sales?  What if you could grow sales, without growing headcount?  What if your marketing investment was 700% more effective and 63% or more of your leads could receive a sales conversation in < 10 days?  Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.52.46 AM
  3. CMOs -You invest your entire marketing budget – be it 6, 7 or 8 figures – to generate the right leads (according to Andy Paul, author of Zero Time Selling and Amp Up Your Sales, in the US alone, companies invest up to $250B on marketing leads)  in the form of digital advertising, Google adwords, banner ads, webinars, trade shows, purchased leads and purchased lists. And what happens when you pass the leads over to sales?  According to Andy, 73% of MQLs are never followed-up with, and 91% of MQLs receive ZERO conversations.  CMOs, what if your “dormant leads” could be called and converted into hundreds of meetings in just a few weeks?  (Ask the VP of Sales from one of ConnectAndSell’s customers how 1,000 dial/day capacity works!)  One VP of Sales saw 10,000 dials by ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand, 59 meetings, and 4 Closed/Won deals in 9 business days!  Better yet, with 1,000+ dial/day SDRs, Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 8.09.20 AMwhat if 100% of your leads were called in under 5 minutes, and persisted until they were reached? Eric Lewis, Sr. Director of Demand Generation at RingCentral, ran an experiment to have leads called back in under 5 minutes.  What he discovered with 1,000 dial/day capacity is that he now has access to “liquidity” to finally deliver on the promise of and Velocify, with 90% less resources.  And the benefit of this liquidity is in the numbers – 177 Leads Injected in 9 business days, 112 conversations against the leads (response time near immediate), 67 meetings scheduled.
  4. VPs of Sales – With the explosion of Inside Sales, if you are a growth company, then you are facing a sales talent crisis in your company.  I’ve met with VPs of Sales and Marketing from hundreds of high growth companies across America including ActOn, IBM, RingCentral, SAP, and hundreds of start-ups, and the common challenge that VPs of Sales are facing – the lack of sales talent. Just ask Carolyn Betts, CEO of Betts Recruiting, about the shortage of sales talent – and not just in San Francisco, but all around the world in the markets that they serve!  VPs of Sales, what if each member of your SDR team could drive 1,000+ dials/day and have 50+ conversations with decision makers (instead of 2-3 that most SDRs see), and your sales professionals could automate their follow-up on leads and opportunities to insure a quarterly voice nurture on every single potential prospect resulting in a 27% conversion rate from conversation to meeting!  Click here to learn how John Jackson uses ConnectAndSell Lightning to automate his follow-up and convert at 10X better than most!

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 8.29.55 AMI would like to personally thank Craig Rosenberg, Co-founder of TOPO and Twitter handle @funnelholic, for his contribution to this post.  In January, Craig shared at an SDR conference in Atlanta that “ConnectAndSell skewed the numbers so heavily that we had to take ConnectAndSell customers’ numbers out of this study!”  And again on Friday, June 19th, in a conversation at Topo’s Demand Generation Council, Craig shared with Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, “just show that report of what your team of 11 delivers every day, and that’s all you need to do”.

Craig, here is “that report” for your reading pleasure.  We are excited to be working with companies like Topo & The Bridge Group to help companies transform their business from “trucks to airplanes”!




Things to think about when accelerating sales 10X:

  • Conversation quality matters.  Just ask Lauren Bailey, President of Factor 8, a sales coaching and training company, her company is hired by ConnectAndSell customers all over the world to help them improve their conversations to insure the highest possible conversion rates… As Chris Beall often says, “be careful not to amplify suck!”.   This is why ConnectAndSell launched Coaching as a Service, so that companies like Factor 8 can listen to the sales conversations in real time (or recorded conversations) and provide coaching for sales reps.
  • “Talk then send” for 200 – 500% better click through rates!  Pat Lynch, Chief Customer Officer at CSO Insights (an MHI Global company), says that a lot of companies get it all wrong by email blasting everyone all the time.  In a conversation with Matt Behrend, CRO of DemoChimp with Pat Lynch at Sales Velocity 2015 in Denver, Colorado, they both agreed.  When sales first talks to the prospect, then sends a relevant digital asset (like those from Folloze), response rates improve dramatically.
  • Hire with science, not by gut feel!  Dave Kurlan’s companies, Objective Management Group (and Kurlan & Associates) have scored over 1M sales professionals, and when a prospective new hire takes the OMG assessment, sales leaders can be confident in the results.  Check out Dave’s recent blog post:
  • Mind the Gap!  Dan McDade, President & CEO of PointClear, is one of the top thought leaders in inside sales and lead generation.  In a recent blog post, Dan shares that companies should “mind the gap” when it comes to revenue generation.   By combining the inbound workflow of leads with outbound, sales development representatives can stay “in the flow” and drive incredible results.Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.39.45 PM
  • Vorsight knows best!  At a recent American Association of Inside Sales Professionals ( event, Steve Richard, Co-Founder of Vorsight shared that more than half of meetings generated for their customers come from outbound, and < 45% are generated from email.
  • The Outbound Index.  Do you know your outbound index? If you don’t you may want to read Trish Bertuzzi’s blog at 
  • Kraig Kleeman, the World’s Greatest Cold Caller is a believer!  Kraig was the keynote speaker at Sales Velocity 2015, a conference put on by ConnectAndSell, TopOpps, and several others.  In a conversation with Kraig at the conference, he said “using advanced sales acceleration technology to go after the dormant leads to revive them is exactly what I tell my customers to do!”
  • Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of Selling Power is in!  Gerhard has talked to sales leaders all around the world, and when he discovered what ConnectAndSell is doing to empower SDR teams to drive 1000+ dials/day, he said, “let’s run a Sales Velocity Conference in 6 cities this year!”  We agree Gerhard, driving sales velocity is very important and changes everything in sales.
  • #SaveTheB2BSalesRep!  At the Sirius Decisions Summit 2015 on May 14th, 2015, in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, Marisa Kopec and Jennifer Ross made the single most important presentation of 2015 so far, and perhaps the most important presentation for sales and marketing ever.  Marisa said, “It’s time to pull the pendulum back from digital to sales”.
  • “Turn to the Phone” – “The teleprospecting organization engages the most prospective buyers in actual conversations, making it a critical cog in the demand creation wheel that connects marketing programs to sales pipeline.” says Jason Hekl in his incisive article “Turn to the Phone”.  At 1,000+ dials and 50+ conversations per day, you can compress weeks of message and audience tuning into a few days, making your SDR team indispensable for not only lead conversion but demand creation.

The sales experts listed in this post know best.  And what they will tell you is that 2015 – 2016, sales conversations are front and center.  With the rise of so many email marketing, and digital marketing solutions, these next few years are all about the conversation with the prospect.


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