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Top 5 Essential Apps Every Sales Person Needs to Succeed

Are you tired of those posts that tell you the next “30 apps” you need to have to succeed in sales?

Ugh! I know I am.

I don’t have time to learn 2-3 new apps, let alone 20, 30, 50, 100, or however many this next post says I need to learn.

Are you with me?

Are you frustrated, raving mad that you can’t simplify?

Well, hopefully this list I’ve created helps you:

1. A Mobile CRM App

Note that I’m not endorsing any specific app here. That doesn’t matter so much.

What does matter is you have one on your smartphone. You’re always on the go, so it makes sense to bring your CRM with you.

Can you really remember all that information and import it to your CRM when you get back to your office?

2. Evernote

Speaking of writing information down, use Evernote to take specific details from a customer meeting or conference with you.

And since your smartphone has voice recognition, you don’t have to risk carpel tunnel when writing your notes.

3. Calendly Replaces Your Booking Assistant

This app syncs with all your calendars. Prospects can pick a time to meet you. You can offer them different meeting types.

Instead of long e-mail chains negotiating meeting times, you send a link. Your prospect schedules an appointment.

You both get reminders.

Ahhh…so simple.

4. A Bit Scattered? Solve That with

You’ll never miss a deadline again with this app. It’s really a digital to-do list.

You have to plan your entire day from the beginning. Voice transcription is available. You get notifications of deadlines as they come.

It syncs across all devices, including  your laptop or desktop.

5. Thwart Your Prospect’s Payment Excuses with Square

Your customer sounds ready to buy now. They have decision-making power. The solution fits their need.

Now all you need is the cash.

Instead of waiting 30-60 days to get paid before you start, get paid now with Square.

It’s free to start their service. Go here to get their magnetic stripe reader.

They do have some fees:

1) 2.75% any time you swipe a card for payment

2) 3.5% plus 15¢ for every manually entered transaction

Hopefully That Streamlines Your Processes

I just saw a post titled something like “43 apps to help streamline your sales processes.”



I have a hard time seeing how that “streamlines” anything.

Hopefully those 5 helped you do the trick!

What apps do you find essential?

Let me know in the comments below: