Virtual Selling Best Practices using WebEx, Gotomeeting, LiveMeeting, or any other web meeting tool

Tip #3 Listen for buying signs & objections – How great would it be to have a microphone in your prospects office immediately following your meeting, once you’ve left? With web meeting tools, you can. You simply put the phone on mute, and tell the prospect your’re going to play a short customer testimonial (WebEx allows integrated video with sound), and then listen. 9 times out of 10 the prospect will discuss what they like or dislike about your product, what competitors they are using and more when you use this simple tactic.

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The “sniper shot” vs. “shotgun approach” to Target Account Prospecting

Step 4: If your company has a lot of customers, odds are one of their prior employers was a customer of yours!

Step 5: Email the person (through Linked In, or directly by looking up their email address in Jigsaw), and mention that their prior employer ABC CO. is a satisfied customer of yours, and wouldn’t they like to see similar business benefits at the company they work for now (benefits include: x, y, z).

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