“The back of the baseball card”

If you’ve had the chance to manage a “traditional” ISR team that is aligned with field reps, and you know anything about baseball, you’ll appreciate this…

Consider a major league baseball player playing for a team who wins the world series, is that player a great player because they were part of a winning team that year? ANSWER: Maybe, maybe not. Just because the “team” wins the world series, there are players of all different caliber–with strengths and weaknesses. One player may have a .500 batting average, another .100.

Now consider an ISR who says, “My team crushed, quota this year, I think I did a great job.”. What if their “batting average” was .100, meaning they missed their goals for target meetings, they did 50 percent of expected call activity, and they missed their goal for net new accounts closed.

As an Inside Sales Manager, are you measuring the right things?

Final thought: there should be a very high correlation between an ISR achieving their individual metrics and the revnue booking by the sales team. If there is not, one should examine the metrics, the ISR, and the field Rep. High performing teams know the most important things to measure and improve on. What are you measuring?