Prediction 2015: Inside Sales will Outpace Field Sales… in total volume of transactions

Is this a bold headline?  Perhaps.  Is this reality, absolutely. 

CSO Insights reports that in 2010, Inside Sales Teams are driving 12% of a typical companies revenue, and by 2015, that could be upwards of 20%.    In terms of number of transactions, this 20% of revenue may represent up to 70% of a companies total transactions.

What’s the big idea anyway?  Put your inside team on the more transactional, predictable revenue stream, and reduce the cost to serve it (30 – 50% reduction).  Focus your field sales team on longer sales cycle, more complex transactions that require high-touch field sales support and local SE presence.

Rocket science?  NO!  Real world.  It takes 1-2 iterations of change to test and measure before this model can truly succeed.  It is absolutely where businesses are going.  So either sign up, or get Amazoned, your choice!

Where do I begin?  If you are a Sales Leader, or an Executive, or an Inside Sales Professional wanting to make a difference and build a quota carrying Inside Team, check out organizations like the Tele-Business Alliance, or the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (  They have plenty of resources to get you going in the right direction.

Good selling,

Chad Burmeister