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The 3 States of Your Career or Business

In this most recent issue of Market Dominance Guys, Chris and his co host, Corey Frank talked about where you are – in flow, stuck, or waiting.

Chris leans toward science when it comes to business analysis, but science backed by mathematics, because without math, science is dead.

He says, “I’d like to think of myself as the guy who insists that we go science first. And if you’re going to go science first. That means you have to be ready to do experiments and experiments are very well understood. We know how to do experiments been doing a lot of science for a long time. That means you’ve got to be math first because doing experiments that don’t have a shot mathematically is ridiculous and you shouldn’t do that.

So you got to keep the number of experiments down to a minimum and cram them in a small amount of time for a small amount of cost. I’m not a fan of internal debate for a long period of time. I think you debate just long enough to determine one of three states. And I think we should all consider this as a way to run our lives. Not that I’m here to tell people how to run their lives, but what the heck. So we’re in one of three states. I think this is sort of mathematical truth or truth of life state number one is we’re in flow. And when we’re in flow, we should stay in flow.

That’s, that’s just a great policy when it’s working. To start to invent new thoughts or new strategies or new ways of holding the racquet in tennis, you need to adjust, you go change your shoes so you can play better. You’re in flow, and you stay in flow.

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