The Number One Job Of A Sales Professional? Change The Course of History!

After three intensive days of new hire sales training with the Executive Leadership Team of ConnectAndSell and the newly hired Denver office, Stu Schmidt, CEO of ConnectAndSell wrapped up with a very forward thinking and game changing “send off”. 

He asked the team, “What is THE most important job of a sales professional?

The team said things like:

Listen to the customer
Know how they serve their customer
Make money
Solve the customers business pains

Stu agreed that these are all very important things, and that the #1 goal of a Sales Professional has to be to CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY.

What did he mean?  He went on to share that if you as a sales professional don’t add value to the buyer and can’t challenge the status quo – then what value are you adding?  He recalled days where field sales reps would do the “check in” calls with prospects with not much to say and just dropping off some donuts.

In February of 2005, Stu Schmidt trained the new hire class at WebEx–sales reps, managers, and others who went on to become incredible sales leaders, sales reps, and Executives in some pretty big name companies.  Stu changed history.

So… when you self-assess your skill set and the OUTCOMES you are delivering, “Are you changing the course of history, or are you just checking in”?