Prospecting for a job?

After 30+ years with three companies, my Uncle was let go in a reorganization with his company in Houston, TX.  He started looking for a job “the old fashioned way” when I shared with him three simple steps to find a Credit & Collections Manager role:

Image1) Pull a list of hiring managers from companies like ZoomInfo, SalesLoft, or Lead411

2) Load the list into a FREE tool called MailChimp and design an email template that basically says “this is an unsolicited introduction, please refer me to the hiring authority for ______” and email them

3) When these CFOs and VPs open your emails, load them into ConnectAndSell and call those who opened your email.

This process kicks off tomorrow.  Let’s race!  We’ll see if this blog post shared in the Houston, TX area gets him hired faster, or if the 1, 2, 3 process above does.