“Push a button, save a man hour”

Push the button!If you are a sales leader and could enable your sales team to “push a button, and save a man hour”, would you? Of course you would!  And “you” do… more than 20% of the A & B round funded companies in America choose to do so every single year.  And as you’ll see below, companies who figure this out empower their Sales Reps to be up to 34X more productive!

Shhhh How is this possible? ANSWER: Agent Assisted dialing.  Until recently, Agent Assisted dialing was a “secret” preserved by some of the fastest growing technology companies like Inside ViewwanDISCOVaronis who leverage this technology to enable their sales teams to feel like they are much bigger than they are. In February, 2014, one of my Sales Reps “pushed the button” 494 times, and the ConnectAndSell SaaS Application with Agent Assist dialed through IVRs and Gatekeepers 30,6622.5 minutes in February (the equivalent of 511 hours).  This Sales Reps “Talk Time” was 17.25 hours in February. Put simply, without an Agent Assisted Dialer, he would have had to invest 511 man hours!  Keep in mind, there were only 160 man hours in all of February!

Key KPIs below (using Agent Assisted Dialing Technology):

  1. 20,579 Dials
  2. 511 man hours delivered by ConnectAndSell Agent Assist
  3. 17.25 hours of talk time by the Sales Rep
  4. 184 Positive Conversations
  5. 78% Conversations were held with Director & higher titles

Compared to most sales teams:

  1. 600 Dials (30 calls/day x 20 business days)
  2. 27 man hours
  3. < 1 hour of talk time by the Sales Rep
  4. 10 Positive Conversations
  5. < 20% of Conversations with Director & higher