Are You Freaking Kidding Me

Marketers: Dial Attempts Do Matter!


ConnectAndSell Virtual SalesForce = $1.50/dial vs. in-house LDRs = $8/dial, you decide!

This week at ConnectAndSell, Thomson Reuters signed up, CSC signed up, Harte Hanks signed up, InsideView signed up, ActOn signed up, and about 10 other companies signed up.  And it’s only Thursday at 10pm MST, with another day to go in the week!  And in a conversation with a top marketer at InsideView, the “divine aha” happened – for both of us.


A Lead Generation Rep in San Francisco makes around $100,000/year.  When they make 50 dial attempts/day calling on marketing leads, they will make 12,500 dial attempts/year.  The cost/dial for an LDR in San Francisco (or NYC, Boston, most places) is around $8!  ($100,000 / 12,500 dial attempts per year = $8/dial).

What about a ConnectAndSell Virtual Sales Force Lead Generation Representative using ConnectAndSell?  ANSWER: $1.50/dial.

So… a marketer has to answer the question – if a dial attempt costs $8 in San Francisco, NYC, or other major markets and they report to an average sales manager, vs. a $1.50/dial attempt and they report to a top 25 Inside Sales Leader for 5 years in a row, who which will provide the best outcome?


ConnectAndSell Virtual Sales Force @ $1.50 per dial!  For the same spend a marketer can now insure 5X as many dials per lead as with manual dialing and leverage The Perfect Pitch.  Put ConnectAndSell Virtual Sales Force to the test with the 5,000 or 10,000 dial guarantee!