CFOs Looking to Optimize Sales & Marketing Spend?



This week, I had the privilege of plugging in a company called INSIGHTSQUARED into and discovered a lot of insights.

  1. Once a Rep talks to a lead, if the initial deal is signed in 30 days, the likelihood of it closing drops to < 15%!
  2. I also discovered that my Reps at ConnectAndSell, using technology that lets them talk to 90% or more of their leads, gives us some of the best conversion rates in the industry!
  3. The ability for Sales Directors and quota carrying Sr. Account Executives to use automated follow-up conversations to insure 4 conversations/year with every person within a target account causes us to clobber the competition!

Here’s why a CFO should absolutely care about this.  I worked with 4 CFOs this week to show the following:

Sales Team Manually Dialing (Cost/dial) Using ConnectAndSell (Cost/dial)
Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) $8.18/dial $1.13/dial
Quota Carrying Account Executives (AEs, Sales Directors, etc) $18.18/dial $7.72/dial
The Benefits of a lower cost per dial: CFO VP Sales
Reduced headcount  Better market coverage
Lower costs Increased forecast accuracy
Higher revenue per headcount Happier Reps, Lower turnover


The simple math:

BDRs manually dialing make on average 47.5 dials/day, when they could be delivering 600 – 1200/day.  Lowering the effective cost/dial from $8.18 to $1.13.

Quota Carrying AEs average 15 – 30 dials/day, and they generally don’t like it!  They could be driving 75/day in < 30 minutes, and love it.  While reducing cost from $18.18 per dial to $7.72.


Whether your goal is total market domination, OR cost reduction, ConnectAndSell, deployed properly can do both!