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1 + 1 = Sales Magic

There’s a debate in sales that never seems to die down. Should we call? Or email? Or do social?

In response, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article that compared phone hounds to dogs and email/social aficionados to cats.  They both hunt. They both bring down prey. They both survive and occasionally thrive.

But neither wolves nor leopards really have it easy. Nor do salespeople.

Calling isn’t any easier. It’s more time-consuming per communication than email or social and has per-call yields that look a lot like per-email yields. And there’s still a fair amount of activity to track in flight — dials (Did it happen? What was the outcome?), conversations (Did we speak? What was learned?), and next steps (Should I follow up? By phone? When? And what should I say? Or by email or social? When? And with what message?).

What if there were a way to have all that tracking, reminding, and even some of the doing done for a sales rep, regardless of their hunting style? And what if it let any rep bring the best of both styles — cat and dog — to the hunt without much effort beyond the chase, pounce, and … (well, you know what comes next)?

So, here’s the announcement. Outreach and ConnectAndSell have come together to integrate their products in a way that will make the cats purr and the dogs howl with delight.

Here’s what you get:

  • Outreach will continue to make sure you keep track of where you are now, where you are going, and what you need to do next — and will take care of getting those emails, social interactions, and simple phone calls executed in a sequence that delivers results.
  • ConnectAndSell will make sure you never fall behind on your phone conversations: you know, those pesky tasks that build up because it takes a whole lot of dials to get a conversation.

It all comes pre-integrated. ConnectAndSell lets you push a button to have a conversation with someone on your phone task list and clear that phone call backlog in just a few effortless minutes instead of a couple hours. Outreach sequences will flow to completion smoother and faster. You’ll never feel stuck or tempted to take a shortcut past that conversation that really does have to happen.

Every follow-up (email, social, and phone conversation) will really happen effortlessly, letting you take advantage of the best of the feline and canine approach to sales. No more hissing and panting. Just lots of smooth hunting, leaving the grind to Outreach and ConnectAndSell while you enjoy why you got into sales in the first place — results.

Check out this video by Chad Burmeister, sales master and a guy who helped the Outreach and ConnectAndSell teams get this right, using the integrated solution to compressing a daunting backlog of 52 phone calls in 15 minutes instead of half a day — turning a late Friday afternoon from a sales wasteland into conversations and completed sequence steps — effortlessly.

So, here’s the deal: your sales reps really do have to do it all — email, social, and phone conversations. And with ConnectAndSell + Outreach at their command, they will get it done quickly, cleanly, smoothly and, dare I say, effortlessly.