Without sales process, you have a better chance of winning at Craps then meeting a Forecast!








In the Sales 2.0 opening keynote with Gerhard Gschwandter, he shared about a lot of new technologies such as the 94Fifty basketball and a brand new technology that monitors social media for leads called Socedo.  He also shared how we’re moving towards a world that is away from B2B or B2C and towards H2H (Human 2 Human).

Gerhard went on to share that you have better odds at winning at Craps then you do at meeting your forecast!  

So where are we headed?  A focus on process is emerging to “disrupt the chaos”.  Systems and process in the next few years will dramatically improve upon companies ability to forecast. 

The Lesson with Technology – Follow your instincts – when technology becomes more and more complex, follow your instincts!