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Sales Acceleration: Be CAREFUL not to ACCELERATE “SUCK”!


When implementing Advanced Sales Acceleration Technology (such as ConnectAndSell), that enables one Lead Generation Representative to have up to 100 conversations/day (no, not Dials, but actual conversations), the question you have to answer is, “Are my people ready for advanced sales acceleration?”  Lauren Baily, President of Factor 8 Training says.

CEO/CFO – Do I understand that Advanced Sales Acceleration saves around 75 – 80% cost vs. adding head count?  Example: 1 BDR that costs $100k/year will have around 1,000 conversations/year using an outdated technology (a telephone without acceleration).  1 BDR with Sales Acceleration will have around 5,000 – 7,500 conversations/year.  The simple question for the CEO/CFO – is it better for 1 A Player to have 5,000 sales conversations / year, or 5-7 A/B/C players that cost $500,000 / year to have 5,000 sales conversations?  

VP Sales – When using Sales Acceleration properly, do I understand that I can get 5X more sales conversations from my Sales Reps?  And I can grow sales in 1/6th the time it would normally take?  A large tech company recently shared that their sales team (with their partners) invest in a two day call blitz for over 140 people every month.  The result – they build $2M in pipeline and by making 20,000 Dials!  Consider if they invested the same time using ConnectAndSell, they would drive more than 200,000 Dials!  Ask yourself this question – would I rather have a sales team of 10 Reps having the number of conversations that 10 Reps would have?  Or a team of 7 Reps having the number of conversations that a team of 35 Reps would have?  

CMO/VP Marketing – I spend a lot of money on leads.  When I pass them to my sales team and they make the typical 7 “touches” against a lead including 3-4 dial attempts, a voicemail and two emails, am I leaving money on the table and letting leads die too quickly?  YES YOU ARE.  It takes an average of 23.1 dial attempts to have a single sales conversation.  So why are Reps/companies stopping at 7?  ANSWER: ConnectAndSell customers aren’t.  And ConnectAndSell customers as a result generally outperform their peers 15:1!

The way to insure you DON’T ACCELERATE SUCK!?  Capture all your Sales Reps sales calls.  Have your Sales Leaders and/or Sales trainers train the Sales Team, then monitor daily/weekly/monthly the progress of your Reps to make sure they are using the training.  The results are astounding – the difference between the top and the bottom performers can be 3-5X better performance.  Or outsource the Sales listenting and Coaching through tools like Coaching as a Service.  Check out this 1 minute video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIUsz4lp85w 

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