How to Stay Motivated When All You Want to do is Quit


Every profession is a real grind from time-to-time – sales is no exception.

It’s difficult.

You spend hours on the phone talking to people and all you hear is, “No,” “No thanks,” and “We don’t need that right now.”

People are nice about it. But with sales, you’re going to hear more of “no” than “yes” no matter how well you sell.

And that absolutely saps all the energy you have sometimes.

Are you just barely making it through the day right now?

Every sales pro goes through hard times, so what do you do when things go south for you?

Try any (maybe all) of these tips:

1. Remove negativity from Your Life

Negative people and situations suck all of your energy out. They waste your time, too. And you certainly won’t be getting any encouragement from them when things aren’t going so well.

Now if that person is your boss, then you’ve got a big problem. But, you do have the power to look for a new job in that case.

Otherwise, limit your contact with negative coworkers, friends, family members – everyone that you feel brings you down. You don’t always notice it, but their negativity takes you down a notch (maybe several) too.

2. Make Easy Sales

If you’ve been selling well lately, but you’re in a rough patch at the moment, go back to basics. Instead of trying to hit that home run, go for the much easier singles.

Call your existing customers, and get in touch with the hottest leads right away.

As you taste the success and get comfortable with your sales approach again, you’ll find bigger sales easier to make.

3. Set Aggressive Goals

This ties in with the second point just made. Set realistic and achievable goals, but make sure they’re on the upper end of your ability. Take several small steps along the way, so your motivation grows as you accomplish each mini-goal.

And what’s more motivating than when you finally reach a challenging goal?

4. Say Goodbye to Fretting and Worrying

When you think about your life, did either of these 2 emotions ever make your life any better? Nope, the only thing they do is make it more likely the feared event actually happens.

When things are tough, it’s easy to fall into negative thinking too. Do what you need to in order to let go of that thinking and instead focus on the positive.

Remember, all it takes is just a single phone call to close your next sale.

5. Try a Fresh, Creative Approach

What’s been your sales strategy so far? Sometimes, the market changes without you even realizing it. Do some research and see if you can find new ways to address the changing needs your customers have.

Find new methods for differentiating your product or service from the competition’s. Start following some of the top salespeople in the world and learn from them.

Add jokes when you make cold calls.

In the sales world, your success is limited only by your thinking.

Well, I don’t know what’s going to work for you, but those are some good things to try. Give’em a whirl and let me know how it goes in the comments below: