Sales Acceleration 2.0: Immediacy + Frequency x Quality = market domination

Sales Acceleration became a space with worked with some analysts and “created the category”, and it’s good for all of us like ActOn, or Infer, and all the other “sales acceleration” technologies out there who can now call this space the space they play in.

What FEW of them do very well, focus on the single most important factor that actually has the greatest impact of all on sales – QUALITY!

Think about it, if you could put an airplane engine inside of a car, could it hold together? Answer: actually yes, if the proper quality was used to build the car!

So just like a car with a great big 747 airplane engine inside, a sales leader putting together a highly leveraged sales professional should also consider the quality that goes into the individual performer. Think Ironman!

So what does it take:
1) Immediacy – Insure that leads are called back within 5 minutes. did a study on this and it showed that leads called quickly convert 500 percent or better and yet companies continue to suck royally and actually being able to do this.

2) Frequency – Where the early lead routing solutions fall down is that they generally have a 2 cylinder engine under the hood. They rely on a sales person making 50-100 dials per day, and then you have to invest in hundreds of sales people to do the job. Smart companies are turning to Advanced Sales Acceleration or Sales Acceleration 2.0!

3) Quality – When a company dates to take on Sales Acceleration 2.0, like Clearslide did this year, and hundreds more, the only way to do so effectively is by adding quality to the system.

So how does one add quality using Sales Acceleration 2.0 Technology?

Coaching as a Service. See blog post Coaching as Service to learn more.

What does a team using Sales Acceleration 2.0 look like?

1. They are built in a location that has plenty of smart (millenniall) talent, like Denver, Colorado!

2. They have a Sales Leader who knows how to deploy an efficient, high quality program that leveraged multiple Sales Acceleration technologies and the ONLY Sales Acceleration 2.0 technology, ConnectAndSell.

3. The entire process is Gamified with technology like Hoopla or Rivalry.

4. They leverage a technology that enables them to “get inside the conversation” an provide world class, real-time, sales coaching for their sales reps to insure the highest conversation rates and a finely tuned engine.

Welcome to Sales Acceleration 2.0!

Welcome to ConnectAndSell with Coaching as a Service on the inside!