Sales Coaching as a Service


According to The Sales Council, “70 percent of sales training is forgotten in 1 week, and 90 percent within a month!”

Think about it, how many sales training programs have you been a part of, and what percent do you retain?

So if a physical class environment coupled with ongoing training doesn’t work, what does!?

Introducing ConnectAndSell Coaching as a Service.

Step 1: A Sales Rep uses ConnectAndSell to have 6-10 live conversations per hour.

Step 2: These calls are recorded via ConnectAndSell.

Step 3: A Sales Manager, or one of our 3rd party Sales Coach affiliates, listens to a sampling of the conversations by outcome and assigns a score (out of 5 stars) to each part of the conversation.

Step 4: Upon scoring, the scores, and recordings can be shared in a 1:1 with the Rep, or in a more public way with the sales team to share learning.