Outsourced Lead Gen vs Insourced


At ConnectAndSell, you can buy a “1000 horse power engine” to give to your Sales and Lead Gen team and enable them to move from 50 calls per day to 50 conversations per day, or you can simply let us drive the car!

Why Insource:
-you already have a great inside sales manager and infrastructure in place
-you have compared the cost of insourcing vs outsourcing (and quality) and determined you are better off insourcing
-you have a predictable need for lead generation

Why outsource:
-you have compared your inside sales leader to the sales leadership team at ConnectAndSell (and the advantage of ConnectAndSell’s 1000 horse power engine) and determined that your 50-100 dials per day don’t hold a candle to ConnectAndSell Virtual Sales Force 500-1000 Dials per day!
-you have compared the cost of insourcing vs outsourcing and determined you are better off outsourcing. Don’t forget to add in: costs to hire and train, cost of the manager, and computers, telephone, software licenses like SalesForce, WebEx and others, and more.
-you have seasonality in your need for lead generation

As outsourcing companies like ConnectAndSell Virtual Sales Force leverage Advanced Sales Acceleration technology yo drive more dials and conversations than ever, it begins to make a lot less sense to keep this function in house.

ConnectAndSell Virtual Sales Force cost starts at just $249. How much are you spending per meeting!?

If you really look at it, it’s likely you are spending $500-$3,000 per meeting!