Manual vs. Agent Assisted Dialing and Try CAS FREE for 1 Hour at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit Session


Remember the old way of making sales calls?

You know how it goes…

Get someone’s contact information from your marketing list.

Cross your fingers that it’s a direct line, not the front desk’s number.

Give them a call.  Now you have to wait for the IVR to recite off all your options.

“For sales, press 1.  For a company directory, press 2.  To speak with customer service, press 3…”

Sometimes, you get 6-9 different options.

Then, you hear, “To speak with an operator, press 0.”  Shoot!  You mean you waited through that whole menu just to learn you could have spoken with an operator the whole time?!?!


So you hit 0 and get the operator.  You tell them who you are and why you’re calling, and they’re nice enough to let you through to speak with the company president.

…and then you get the voicemail!

This whole scenario becomes dramatically worse when you call billion-dollar corporations.  Round and round in circles you go, and you’re lucky to come anywhere close to the person you actually want to speak to.

This scenario sounds oh so familiar, doesn’t it?  If you’re like most sales professionals, however, you’ve come to accept it as the way things are done.

You can make about 40 calls on any given day, 50 if you’ve had a smooth day.

And then you continue repeating the process until you get in contact with someone, having just a few conversations each week.

What If You Could have Conversations Every 2-3 Minutes? 

I’m going to turn everything you thought you knew about sales right on its head.

Throw out the old scenario above, and consider what your sales results would look like if you could do the below instead:

You login to a cloud-based SaaS application.  The application integrates with every prominent sales tool available in the market – SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics…you name it.

The application begins dialing as soon as you login.  And, you still don’t have to navigate gatekeepers, IVRs, or any other obstacles.

Instead, highly trained virtual assistants do all this work for you.  When one of your prospects answers, you instantly see their contact information and get injected into the conversation.

During this whole process, agents continue to navigate phone trees and work on setting up the next conversation.

Once you finish the conversation, you enter in the contact information and notes, and then this information gets shared with your favorite CRM.

After you complete your session, you get a report showing all the connections you made that day so you can refine your performance.

All you did the whole time was have conversations.

This is What ConnectAndSell Does! 

With CAS, our customers:

  • Talk to a prospect every 2-3 minutes
  • Have 6-8 times more conversations than non-customers
  • Get $1 million in additional annual sales per rep (applies for the top 25 customers)
  • Increase staff productivity 5-8 times
  • Get 100 conversations per week per rep

Our own internal sales team of 12 averages 82 conversations with prospects every week.

If you want to try ConnectAndSell for FREE for 1 hour, visit us at our booth on day 1 of the AA-ISP Leadership Summit on April 8th from 12-1 PM.

But remember, you have to be one of the first 100 to visit us to try it out.

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