Is There Such a Thing as Warm Calling?

Cold Calls

In sales, you’re used to making cold-calls all the time.

You know how the drill goes.  You get a list.  Then, you login into your CRM.  You make 20, 40, or 60 phone calls that day, depending on how fast you get through the IVRs, gatekeepers, and the rest of the phone tree.

Then, you have maybe 1-2 brief conversations.

Any decent salesperson will tell you that if you have a warm connection to the prospect, you’re much more likely to schedule an appointment with them and the other decision makers.  And you also have a much better chance of making the sale later on down the line.

You can go through that entire process of making phone calls and navigating massive phone trees all day and still not have a decent chance at getting the deal…

How frustrating!  And is that really the best use of your time?

You’re Either Making a Cold Call or Hot Call…There’s Nothing in Between

If you make a phone call, talk with a prospect, and they ask you to call back in a month, that’s an example of a warm connection.  And it does no good – the prospect still barely even knows you!

In fact, over that 30-day period, they might even totally forget who you are.  There’s a good chance you won’t even talk to them again in 30 days.

Even though you’ve had prior contact, that’s a cold call, not a warm one.

Now, an example of a hot phone call would be following up with someone you met at an industry event who asked you to make the call.  Something about what you said or did really impressed them, so they’re going to be eager to speak to you.

But think of all the effort involved in going to a conference.  You have to pay the fees, fly or drive a long distance, maybe even stay a few days, and then it’s all up to chance as to who you meet and talk to from there!

It can be kind of a boom-or-bust method of developing more business.

Sales Acceleration Technology Produces Dramatically Better Results…

Sales acceleration is actually far different than using a CRM, which simply organizes the sales process.  Cold calls are still made, but the process is streamlined incredibly.

With ConnectAndSell, for example, agents do all of the boring dirty work for you.  They navigate the phone trees, enter the right IVR options, talk to the gatekeepers, and get straight to the decision maker.

Then, you get to do only what you like and are good at – talk and sell.

Our top clients have 562 dials made for them per day, and they get up to 100 conversations per week per rep.  That’s about 5-10x more conversations than the industry average.  And think of all the additional referrals you could get inside of companies with so many more contacts – yet another value of ConnectAndSell!

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