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Magic Script: An Update from the Field

In my two-part blog article, “Five Sentences That Will Change Your Life” (Part 1 and Part 2), I wrote about a remarkable script that, when delivered by a Founder/CEO, generates big numbers, like a 15% conversation-to-meeting yield. This past couple of weeks have generated some field data on this subject that is worth sharing.

At one ConnectAndSell customer’s location, a team of five reps was having lots of success getting conversations, but, like everyone else, wanted to see more appointments on the books. Our customer success team asked them if they wanted to try out the “Noah Blumenthal Breakthrough Script” — adapted, of course, to their value proposition.

Results Galore

The experiment was done on Friday, which is not always the best day for getting conversations and meetings. The script was prepared and briefly practiced through role-playing and made available in print as well. And off they went.

Here are the meeting stats for the week:

Monday            0 meetings

Tuesday            1 meeting

Wednesday     0 meetings

Thursday          1 meeting

Friday             15 meetings

Of course, it is always possible that having a 30x improvement in one day (compared with the two meetings set during the rest of the week) is a statistical fluke. But following it up the next week with 10, 12, or ?? makes that explanation pretty far-fetched.

A Qualifying Event

This script, by the way, has a side effect — one that I believe is very desirable but that some folks will surely complain about: it moves the discovery and qualification step of the process from the cold call, or even the unscheduled follow-up or referral call, into a 15-minute sharing conversation about the breakthrough — the value prop. That means that sometimes someone will have to endure 15 minutes with a prospect they ultimately determine is not qualified to buy right now. For salespeople who are under pressure to make immediate goals, this can seem wasteful.

My contention is that the burden of making sure the prospect is intrinsically qualified should be on whoever builds the list. There is plenty of publicly available information to let you avoid putting obviously unqualified companies on your list. This is, in fact, the essence of the ABM movement: focus on companies that you want to do business with! Once the question of intrinsic qualification is handled, you are really only left with timing issues, which are easy to solve with automated voice nurturing. And anyway, isn’t 30x or even 10x improvement in meeting output worth talking to a few folks who aren’t ready to buy at this instant?