North American Companies Spend $12.8 Billion on Sales Acceleration Technology


…This is what new research shows anyway, and it’s true.  At ConnectAndSell, we’re seeing 80% year-over-year growth ourselves.

And this is for good reason!  Sales Acceleration technology doesn’t just accelerate your sales results – it skyrockets them.  If you want the specifics, read the post I wrote recently about how much your sales can grow using agent-assisted dialing.

I can’t give you specifics on what other technologies are doing, but agent-assisted dialing takes many of the painful, time-consuming barriers out of the process, so you can focus exclusively on talking, building relationships, and closing more sales.

No more manual dialing.  You don’t have to sit and navigate your way through an IVR.  Forget about talking to secretaries, leaving voice mails, and then figuring out when to follow up next.

Oh yeah, and remember the 22 dials to get 1 conversation ratio?  That gets blown away with agent-assisted dialing.  You literally just have conversations with people, and because most of the groundwork’s already been done for you, you have more positive conversations.  Just talk, and sell – that’s it!

Don’t Confuse CRM Software with Sales Acceleration!

An article at Forbes makes this clear and profound point.  Companies using CRM software got 17% in additional revenue.  That’s a nice boost, but sales acceleration technology increases your profits much more than that (see our own example at the beginning of this post).

To a small extent CRM software does help accelerate your sales.  But, the real point of CRM is to organize your sales process, not accelerate it.

It doesn’t get you in direct contact with the decision maker.  If you used a CRM, you would know who you contacted, when, and how, but you wouldn’t be able to instantly bypass the secretary and IVR.

CRM helps, but it’s really the beginning point of sales acceleration.  These eye-popping statistics will help you understand what sales acceleration REALLY is:

  • CAS  reps get 562 dials per day done through agent-assisted dialing.  If you do it manually, what do you get, 40-60, depending on the day?
  • Out of those 40-60 phone calls, you usually have something like 2-3 conversations, right?  CAS reps and customers have a conversation about every 2-3 minutes.
  • My sales team at CAS dialed more customers in 3 days than my entire company dialed in  Q3 of 2013.
  • You can get up to 100 conversations per week per rep, and book an additional $1 million in sales annually.

That’s what sales acceleration is all about – almost incredible numbers that you couldn’t even come close to achieving manually!

$12.8 billion?  That number might be small compared to what could happen in the future…