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How Does Advanced Sales Acceleration Line Up to the Sirius Decisions Demand Waterfall?


In 2013, Chris Beall was asked to step in as Chief Marketing Officer of ConnectAndSell.  So he caught a plane to Arizona and attended the Sirius Decisions conference.  The biggest takeaway he says was from Jason Hekl, “whoever can figure out a way to integrate a marketing automation system into an automated system to call leads back within 5 minutes will change the world.”

After two years, Chris Beall, now CEO of ConnectAndSell has delivered on Jason Hekl’s dream, and delivered the first solution that has the “liquidity” needed to fulfill this promise.  With the launch of ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand, ConnectAndSell enabled a team of Lead Generation Reps to routinely deliver more than 1,000 dials/day. And with the integration to Marketo (and other marketing automation platforms), Jason Hekl, we’ll see you in May!

Click here to read about the integration framework to marketing automation:

So… what does this mean for marketers, and how does Advanced Sales Acceleration add value for sales & marketing?

Following the Sirius Decisions Demand Waterfall Chart:

  1. Marketing Qualification – Through the use of ConnectAndSell (either in-house), or through ConnectAndSell Managed Service called OutboundOnDemand, Lead Generation Representatives (or SDRs), can routinely deliver 1000 or more dials/day.  These dials are generally used to call prospects that fit the ideal customer profile, and as leads come into the waterfall-image2website, they can be “Lead Injected” into the queue for Lead Gen to call.  This insures < 5 minute voice response time to incoming leads, and insures the persistence needed to uncover prospects ready to buy over time (throughout the buyers journey).  The best part, with ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand, leads can be “Hot Transferred” directly to sales.
  2. Sales Qualification – Often, the hand-off between Lead Gen and Sales is not optimized.  Scheduling prospect calls via Outlook Calendar can be frustrating and painful, when the prospect cancels minutes before the meeting.  Enter ConnectAndSell Hot Transfer capability.  Lead Gen can now HOT TRANSFER these calls directly to the quota carrying Sales Rep.
  3. From SQL to Close – Companies who have fully embraced Advanced Sales Acceleration have learned that pointing this competitive weapon at the top of the funnel (from inquiry to MQL to SQL) creates more pipeline than sellers can handle. The advanced customers have learned how to leverage Advanced Sales Acceleration Technology to VOICE NURTURE prospects between SQL to CLOSE.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.42.16 AMTo fully grasp what #3 means for a business, read this blog post.  As you can see from this study by Chet Holmes International (thanks Steve Richard for sending my way), only 3% of your prospects are ACTIVELY BUYING.  Which means 97% are NOT ACTIVELY BUYING.  So why then do most sales & marketing teams only go after the 3%?  Because they don’t have a way to automate the voice nurture process!

The strategy used by John Jackson, Director of Sales at ConnectAndSell, for the past 8 years, clearly outlines how Enterprise Sales Professionals can use ConnectAndSell to automate the process of following up with their best prospects, every single quarter.  This voice nurture approach enabled John Jackson to drive 4,449 dial attempts in Q4, 2014, roughly 75 dials/day, with < 30 minutes of invested time per day.   And for this level of daily usage (30 minutes/day, roughly 75 dials/day), the annual cost for the Sales Professional is < $10,000.

Imagine if:

  • you could insure leads were called back in < 5 minutes
  • your Lead Generation Rep persisted until they talked to the lead
  • when the Lead Gen Rep talks to the lead, and qualifies it, the lead is Hot Transferred to a Sales Rep
  • once the Sales Rep talks to the prospect for the first time, an automated voice nurture program is set up so that the Sales Rep insures constant touch with the prospect

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