Dreamforce Day Four: “Wine Down”


For those of you who attended Dreamforce and left on Wednesday, bad move!

Lessons to learn:
1. Day 4 at Dreamforce delivered the same number of booth visitors as every other day!
2. Sitting at the Marriott hotel taking advantage of what Brooke calls a “wine down”, the SVP of Sales, CEO and myself ran into two more strategic prospects–Marketo, and FPX.
3. Just when you think there is NO MORE, “dig a little deeper”. Your next big deal could be sitting at the bar winding down with you.

Recap of Dreamforce 2013:
Day 1 – “What’s going on in your digital world?”
Day 2 – “There’s an app for that!”
Day 3 – “Conversations matter”
Day 4 – “Wind down!”

Final quote– “We met a lot of great contacts that aren’t yet prospects but everyone has a value!” Brooke the Inventor

Signing off… See you in the digital world!