An average DAY using ConnectAndSell is like an average MONTH elsewhere!

ImageAfter attending the AA-ISP 6th annual Leadership Summit this week in Chicago, I heard from a lot of people constrained by the epidemic of manual dialing methods.

In almost all of the sessions, “Social Selling” was brought up as THE way to grow your pipeline and sales.  To some extent, these experts are “right”.  As my sales team says, “Sales has always been a numbers game, the key is to couple Social Selling with Agent Assisted Dialing.”  Just ask Mike O’Neil of

As the VP of Sales & Marketing, if you came back after traveling for a week, and found your “NEW GUY” made 577 dials and talked to 22 prospects on a Friday – how would that make you feel!?


Welcome to the new way of selling – give us a try!