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5 Ways ConnectAndSell Can Help You with Your ABE strategy

ABE has emerged as a strategic weapon to personalize and coordinate sales and marketing efforts at targeted accounts versus the traditional demand generation model of casting a wide net. In case you aren’t familiar with ABE, it’s an abbreviation for Account Based Everything, the term that encompasses Marketing, Sales Development, Sales, and Customer Success, and the methods used to gain a deeper relationship and understanding of your buyer. ConnectAndSell is uniquely positioned to help you maximize your ABE investment by meeting the two key challenges of outbound calling:

  • High-impact Conversations

Conversations matter when it comes to determining a prospect’s specific fears and needs. What we do at ConnectAndSell is get the decision-makers on the phone. ConnectAndSell agents never speak to a prospect. Once the prospect says “hello,” the sales representative is injected into the conversation in a fraction of a second. The rep’s only job then is to articulate the value proposition, determine the company’s fit for the product and where the prospect is in the buy cycle, and then ask for a meeting.

  • Diligent Follow-up

By making follow-up highly specific to an account, and with an always-on approach, ABE represents the most effective way to email and voice-nurture accounts until the prospects are ready to buy. With ConnectAndSell PredictivePursuit™, our customers can define some very adaptive touch cadences, maximizing the type and frequency of meaningful touches.

Here are some ways that customers can use ConnectAndSell to maximize their ABE ROI:

1) Deep profiling and research

While there are several data vendors in the ABE space that fulfill the need to gather and profile account data, our experience shows that for accounts with high potential, reliability of profile data is enhanced dramatically by independent phone research. As customers embark on the ABE journey, they can employ a number of different approaches to identify contacts within target accounts to start the ABE conversation coverage process that illuminates the inner workings of those accounts.

2) Always-On & Multi-Touch

ABE increases touch requirements significantly. With ConnectAndSell PredictivePursuit, highly flexible touch cadences can be defined, and the entire process automated, enabling companies to pre-program their pursuit and persistence for email, voicemail, call, and rest cadences. The benefit of PredictivePursuit is in its carefully spaced-out touch cadences, resulting in as much as a 200% increase in meeting yields.

3) Generate Buying Consensus Through Deep Personalization

In large accounts, buying committees of 20 people are not uncommon. To obtain understanding and insight into each of these decision-makers’ unique pain points and buying needs, trust must first be established through personal interactions. ConnectAndSell makes it possible to deeply personalize account strategies by providing those necessary information-gathering phone conversations.

ConnectAndSell shines in its ability to generate buying consensus via multiple follow-up conversations with actual decision-makers. We call that effort “voice nurturing.” With this tactic, intrinsically qualified contacts will be followed up with a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th phone interaction, which will directly impact pipeline growth.

4) Seamless Marketing and Sales Alignment

Sales and Marketing, more than ever, have an opportunity to work in concert as ABE strategies are planned and executed. Utilizing lead/contact scoring, companies can determine contacts that are deemed to have high potential. The goal then is to use conversations to quickly identify buyer readiness and formulate the next meaningful touch, be it marketing nurture or sales outreach.

At ConnectAndSell, we enable customers to efficiently channel those contacts for conversation by way of our InstantResponse™ platform, in which dynamically scored contacts can be fed into the calling queue for response within seconds of engagement. InstantResponse can also be utilized to inject contacts for action from inbound, content warm-up (webinar and white paper responses), and other high-priority channels.

5) Accelerate Sales by Compressing Sales Cycles

Due to increased complexities resulting from today’s trend toward consensus buying and larger buying committees, sales cycles are stretching further out. Although ABE coordinates sales and marketing efforts, focusing on deep personalization and profiling, this process does come at an increased cost: longer wait times before engaging the buyer in a compelling way. By compressing the time to conversations, ConnectAndSell can help compress sales cycles.