Words to Live By (By Harold George Schilling)


Written by Harold George Schilling (My late Grandfather)

To Chad Burmeister

(Sent on a birthday to me many years ago)


Dear Chad,

There comes a time in most Grandpa’s life, when they feel compelled to put in writing what they fell are important “words to live by” and send it to a grandchild.  Well, your Grandpa has reached that point in his life, when he too has this urge.  Since you are my eldest grandchild, I wanted to get this written for your birthday.  Well, I didn’t quite get it complete for that important date, but felt I should still complete it and send it to you now – – “lucky Chad”.


Anyway, here goes —

  1. You should love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might.  Nothing in life should take precedence over this.  Without our faith, all else is a big “VOID” and life has no meaning or purpose.God
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself.  Without love for God, family, friends and all mankind, we are but empty shells.  When we love others as much as ourselves, we will not be selfish or hurt other people, either physically or emotionally.  We weigh our words before we speak them – – “load mind before shooting off mouth”.  Sharing our love removes lonliness and brings happiness to ourselves and those around us.love-your-neighbor-as-yourself1
  3. Be Honest (and TRUTHFUL).  Honesty used to be taken for granted in years past.  My Dad – – your great Grandfater – – probably high-lighted and implanted this point in my mind and heart, as much or more than anything he taught me.  Truthfulness builds trust.honesty_integrity_respect_card-p137822397941321688q6ay_400
  4. BUILD A RESPECTABLE REPUTATION.  From day one, we begin developing our own reputation.  It follows us and becomes part of us during our entire life.  All people – – even our own children – – will know and remember us by the reputation we have established.  As the bible says – – “don’t say that it doesn’t matter what other people think, but see that your actions and words are above reproach.”BLOG-20130716-RepMgmt
  5. REMEMBER – YOU AND YOUR LIFE ARE AN EXAMPLE TO OTHERS.  Especially important when there is a younger brother and sister in the family.  Little Lindsey is developing her personality and values during the early years in her life, we are told that what is learned and picked up during their early growing years has a great impact on people when they grow up.  That leads me right into No. 6.033112_1700_LeadbyExamp2
  6. BE HAPPY AND CHEERFUL – – LIFE IS GREAT.  Not only does it make you feel good but it rubs off on those around you.  You have a beautiful disarming smile, Chad – – use it.  Bring cheer and happiness into your own family, to your friends and everyone you contact.  Back to No. 5 )above), what a blessing (really an obligation) to contribute and help keep your family a happy one in which Lindsey & Todd can develop and grow up.be-happy-wallpaper
  7. DEVELOP & MAINTAIN A STRONG HEALTHY BODY.  Good health (body & mind) is usually up to us.  So many young people these days seem to take no responsibility of this wonderful gift to tear down their body & mind with drugs, sex, abuse, polute their minds, etc. and wreck their whole future.  A Mobil employee once told me that her best friend’s son was a popular kid in high school, star football player & basketball player, handsome – – had everything going for him.  He went off to college, got into drugs, and they brought him home six months later – – a blubbering idiot.  Drugs had blown his mind.  What a waste.Strong body Strong mind
  8. GIVE SERIOUS THOUGHT TO YOUR FUTURE CAREER AND LIFE.  You must prepare yourself through education and by the kind of life you live during those years as you develop the “Chad” of tomorrow, for yourself and hopefully, your own family one day.  “We only go around once”.  And it doesn’t matter how much money one makes, but what you are comfortable & happy doing in our vocation to prepare ourselves to take care of your own family in the future.Quotes2
  9. “TO YOUR OWN SELF BE TRUE”.  An old quote – – don’t remember who said it (Google tells me it’s William Shakespeare Granps!  I miss you and love you.  Thank you for these 10 WORDS TO LIVE BY) – – but it packs a strong “wallup”.  Don’t let someone else make decisions for you in how you conduct yourself today or in the future.  Set your own high standards to live by and stick to them.  You will never regret “living true to yourself.”f2



Happy “after” birthday Chad, and God Bless you.