Stuck in a Sales Slump? Do This to Get Out of It

Hard times happen to everyone – even the very best of salespeople. That’s just the way sales works – sometimes its up, and sometimes its down. Behind every big storm is an amazing rainbow! Are you looking for your rainbow? Read on…

When you’re in those down times, self-doubt starts to creep in. Are you really that great of a salesperson?

Maybe you just got lucky there for a while…

The truth is you are skilled at what you do. And for right now, for whatever reason, things aren’t going your way. But you can always get to a better place.

If you’re going through a tough time in your sales career right now, use these tips to break out of it:

1. Do more. How many sales calls are you making per day or week? Double them. Or, keep calling until you’ve set 5 appointments, even if you have to work a much longer day than normal.

2. Try a new approach. Sometimes, what the market responds to changes. And it happens often without you being aware of it. Maybe one of those changes ended up happening just now.

If things haven’t been working for weeks or more than a month, it could be time to attend a training to refresh your skills. Get a mentor who’s weathered storms like the one you’re passing through.

Usually, you know the right thing to do. Do that, and even if it doesn’t appear to make logical sense, everything’ll be fine.

3. Reach out to existing happy customers. Check in with them to make sure they’re happy with the solution you’ve sold them. See if there’s anything you can do to make them even happier.

If they’re already happy, ask for a referral. You have a high chance of getting one, and referrals close at a much better rate too.

4. DO NOT offer substantial discounts. This can be a tempting idea – after all, more people will buy from you if you lower your price, right? That might be the case, but this strategy costs you more money in the long run.

If new customers and clients know you’re offering a discount, they’ll push for even more. In fact, they’ll demand special treatment.

They just do not become long-term good customers. Avoid offering discounts of any kind…even during the hard times.

5. Shut up and listen! The only way you can solve your prospect’s problems is by actually knowing what they are.

And you can only figure out those problems by asking questions and listening. The more you listen, the better the follow-up questions you can ask.

And as your prospects see how your questions get at their true needs, they’ll think,”Wow, now that was a great sales call!”

6. Start small and move forward. If you’re the type whose confidence goes up and down as your sales grow and decline, consider starting from scratch (mentally speaking). Begin the day by accomplishing stupid-simple tasks like responding to all your pressing e-mails.

Then, take it one step further by making a few calls. Close one sale this week. Then go for the second. Add on a third.

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself performing at a high level once again.

Slumps Happen to Everyone…

The important thing is that you don’t fall into self-pity and give up. Acknowledge what’s happening, plan a way out, and you’ll do just fine.20140714-215201-78721888.jpg