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Sales Acceleration 301 Course – Lesson #1 The Shocking Value Statement!



In 3 days of Sales New Hire Training at ConnectAndSell Denver, some MAJOR lessons learned were uncovered:

#1 – The SHOCKING VALUE STATEMENT.  Don’t be timid, or beat around the bush on what you do…  Be SHOCKING.  Example: We take the business problem of getting decision makers on the phone and make it go away.  (What is your SHOCKING value statement?)

#2 – First, be a business person, be genuinely curious about the prospects, business.  Second be a great sales person.  When doing a demo – 20 – 25 minutes discovery, 5-10 minutes “demo”.

#3 – When buying a large billboard in San Francisco to drive traffic to your site (wink, wink) make sure to leverage ActOn to first capture the web form, second cookie the visitor, and third make sure that when the visitors come back to your website, you have an automated way to call them immediately (while they are on your site).

#4 – When you are about to launch new partnership that are HUGE and game changing, be prepared to handle the upswing in volume.  WE’RE PREPARED!

#5 – When you are in a sales call, be careful not to go into SALES BLACKOUT MODE!  Be curious, learn about the business.


Keep on selling.  Ask about ConnectAndSell Virtual SalesForce… coming soon…