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Always Be Connecting: How I had 18 Sales Conversations Yesterday!

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It’s 10:16 AM on Friday, September 25th, 3 days before the end of Q3, 2015.  I’ve just dialed into a phone bridge, loaded my list called “Whale Hunting” and clicked “GO” within the ConnectAndSell SaaS application, and I can’t wait to see what Executive may be on the other end my phone a few minutes from now.

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First call!  Yeah.  Beep in my ear and a screen pop with Ron, the CEO of a technology company in the Bay Area.

“Hi, this is Chad Burmeister, Vice President of Sales at ConnectAndSell, did I catch you at an ok time?”  ANSWER: No, you didn’t actually, I’m in the hospital.  I respectfully disengaged and send an automated email to the DemoChimp “demo” of ConnectAndSell.


This morning so far, I’ve walked a prospect through a $287,000 deal, a Rep included me on a call to convert a $6500 deal into a $60,000 deal, and one deal that signed yesterday for $41,000, it turns out the client meant to sign the $14,000 order so I’m working through that to.  And after a quick call, turned the deal back into a $41k deal.

BUT THE BEST PART of my morning.  ConnectAndSell is running in the background on my second screen and I am 100% certain that within a few minutes I will be speaking with another Executive who may have a need for my solution.

Interrupted again!  While writing my very important blog here.  Shucks.  This time by Ryan G, the Founder of a company called Service Channel.  Asked me to send him the link to the online video, and he’ll make an intro to VP Sales and CMO – not a bad interuption!  But wait, what about my blog.  Oh yeah, turns out I’m here to sell, blog writing is meant to be interrupted!

It’s now 10:28am, I’ve personally plowed through 37 Dial Attempts, talked to 2 prospects, and left 11 automated voicemails.

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30 minutes remaining until my next meeting.  I’d like to get this blog out shortly thereafter, have a contract to send, and our CTO asked me to show him the Console view.  Thanks to ConnectAndSell, I now have 8-10 calls “in flight” and will likely be “interupted” again by another C level executive at one of my prospects!

Now let’s look at the two days before today, and the outcome of those days.  At this moment, I feel compelled to hit “pause”, but I’m not going to, who knows which executive will pick up next.

Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell just called and I said, “Chris, you’ve just interrupted my calling hour and $287,000 quote, and blog writing.  What’s up, you are certainly important, can you compete with me having phone calls with CEOs?”  Chris’s response, “I just talked to the biggest marketing automation company in the world that we’re working with, and they have now learned, by trying OutboundOnDemand for a few months, that their internal Sales Development Reps should be having 50 conversations/day and NOT making 50 manual dials.”

“Chris, gotta go”, BEEP!

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I’ve not clicked “GO” again, and should be intersting to see who will pick up this time.  It’s 10:41am, I’ve now had 88 dials go out, and had 4 conversations.

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This is what the DemoChimp screen looks like, I send this to everyone I talk to.  The benefit, they view the link, and when they do, it feeds back into ConnectAndSell and me (or one of my Sales Reps) talks to the person again within a few minutes of the time they view the DemoChimp!

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BEEP!  “Hi this is Chad Burmeister, Vice President of Sales with ConnectAndSell, did I catch you at an OK time?” ANSWER: Sure, what can I do for you.

Chad Burmeister: I’m calling to introduce a way that your Sales Development Reps could have 50 conversations per day instead of making 50 manual dials. My assumption is that you have an SDR team that could benefit from this kind of acceleration?  ANSWER: Yes, that sounds interesting, can you please send me an email and call back?

Chad Burmeister: Certainly, it was a pleasure to speak with you, thanks for taking my call!  REPLY: Don’t you want to book a follow-up call?

Chad Burmeister: Now why would I do that, what if you’re not interested in 50 conversations/day.  Check out the video, and either I, or someone on my sales team will talk with you within a few minutes of the time you watch it!

By now, I’ve had 5 conversations, 90 dial attempts, with 10 minutes before my next meeting. Clicking GO now! Remember when your sales leader told you, make that one extra dial, you never know who you are going to get? What I tell my Reps at ConnectAndSell, click “GO” one more time, you never know who you are going to get!  The difference – when you click go, you’ll get an extra 20-25 attempts.  Talk about sales leverage!

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To summarize what’s just happened in the past 30 minutes, I’m now at 115 Dials, 5 conversations, sorry make that 121 Dials… I mean 134 Dials.  You get the drift, having conversations is what your BEST Execs/Reps should be doing inside of the company.  In 30 minutes today, I will personally outperform a team of 5 BDRs entire day of calling.  End of story.

Here are the stats from my last two days of using ConnectAndSell (1.5 hours of run time).  523 Dials, 34 Conversations, 5.88% conversion to meetings, 61.76% positive outcomes.  The money is in these conversations.  Over time, as I talk to more people, and create a list of intrinsically qualified people to talk to, my conversion rate will climb, and I’ll crush my quota.  Check out the value of voice nurture vs. email nurture – 53X better performance (

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To learn more, send me an email, or watch this 4 minute customizable “demo”.   I’d be happy to personally help you with how to be the most effective VP of Sales you can be!  And teach your company how to dominate your market with High Velocity Selling!


Chad Burmeister
VP Sales & Marketing