A High Performance Mindset


What does it mean to have a high performance mindset?

Gerhard Gschwandtner has it.
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Do YOU have it?  And when you “get” it, what does that mean for your personal success? And for your happiness?

In the past 3 months, I have seen what it means to “get” a performMindsetance mindset.  And what it’s like when you “hire” a new “inner CEO” in your brain.   You see, everyone is “programmed” with lessons learned as a child (implanted mindest).  Then they learn from teachers and others (imprinted mindest).  And finally, the best of the best come to have an inspired mindset.  This doesn’t just “happen”, it can (and should) be learned)




Check out the hole-in-one story about Christine Hanks, Sales Executive with Meeting One, who attended a High Performance Mindset course with Gerhard (at Sales Velocity, a ConnectAndSell event, this summer).

intel_100468562_hEveryone has an “inner CEO” and an “AMOS” – Automated Mindset Operating System. It’s what your inner CEO tells your Automated Mindset Operating System to do that matters, big time.

For me, when someone pushes me into a corner, and the thermometer gets above threshold, I get angry, I shut down, and I tend to run away from the situation.  Some people’s “intel inside” tells them to get worried or concerned, and others have a different reaction.  Whatever the “response is”, the fact that it is different for everyone tells you that the response is learned.

Think of it like this… the ABC’s of Mindset.


A = Activting Event

B = Beliefs

C = Consequences


Example: Imagine you are the #1 sales person in your company.  And a manager of the lead gen team tells you that you just aren’t doing things the “right” way.  Or the Controller calls you and says “have you ever thought about selling to eskimos?”  Crazy right?  You’d be surprised, sometimes what is obvious to you, other people think completely differently.  And they should – we’re all people.

These things happen all the time.  How you respond is the key.  Most people let the activating event lead straight to the consequence.  The person with a High Performance Mindset trains their inner CEO to be a better inner CEO.  So that the Automated Mindset Operating System learns a new algorithm!  One that leads to higher levels of performance.  Some folks may be -10 to start, and the best case is to get them to a “0”.  Research over the past 15 years that started in sports psychology is now being applied to sales psychology, and it says that people can move from a “0” to a +10.  This backs up what one of my all time mentors has always said – that time is best spent moving an A to A+ vs. B to B+.  You can have more impact moving an A to A+ then someone from B to B+.

One example that David Hibbard gave was a company that lost their #1 seller – company went from $6M to $1.5M.  Check out this video, be inspired, then email Gerhard Gschwandtner to ask him if he can help you change the mindset of your sales team – to become a team of High Performers.  After a one day workshop – as for me and my inner CEO, I’ve already fired the last inner CEO, and in the process of retraining a new one!

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Thanks be to Gerhard!