Day Two of Dreamforce: There’s An App For That!?

Day Two of Dreamforce and Benioff (#DF13) did not disappoint!  Sean Penn, Petra Nemcova, and Lauren Lamothe (Prime Minister of Haiti) are changing how the world responds to tragedy – and they are plugging into the Cloud to re-build the Nation of Haita, give hope to families struck by disaster and just change the world for the better.  Marc Benioff and these incredible figures proved that “There’s An App For That” and it comes from Salesforce to re-build entire countries and economies.

This year for the first time, after the keynote, there are actually two large exhibit halls and hundreds of vendors – and some vendors have two booths on each side of Mascone Center to collect as many “leads” as possible!  As a booth exhibitor trying to engage with up to 135,000 visitors to the Expo Hall – here is the challenge I will pose to ActOn, Marketo and Eloqua or a bright entrepreneur looking to build a cutting edge app – how to identify the A Leads walking by your booth, among all the “C Leads”!

There’s An App For That?! (No not yet…)  So what should a Tradeshow SalesForce 1 App have:

  1. An App For ThatDemographic / Firmographic information about Trade Show Attendees – The app should provide industry, company annual revenue, title, and other important information about trade show floor attendees in the App.
  2. Geolocation of these folks in and around your booth – The best Sales professionals have been on “booth duty” for years can spot an “A Lead” from a mile away.  1-2 quick questions and then either they are IN or they are OUT.  But this “art” is not easy and often serious A Leads can pass right in front of your nose, and you didn’t even know it!

The takeaway: ActOn, Marketo, and Eloqua help companies score leads and then serve up the most qualified leads to the sales team. Why not provide a scoring mechanism for trade show exhibitors and a Geolocation of trade show attendees who meet certain criteria? The PGA enables fans to track “where is Tiger Woods, and where is Ricky Fowler?” so why can’t SalesForce Dreamforce enable IVRs to track the A Prospects that are in or around their booth (by company demographic, and product/solution fit)!?

Anyone who builds this App in time for Dreamforce next year, you can reach me at!