At DreamForce and in Sales, Don’t Do Really Cheesy Pickup Lines

On Day 1 of the single biggest takeaway of the event so far was this “pickup line” – “What is going on in your digital world?”  This has replaced prior personal favorites of, “What’s the occasion?” or “What brings you here today”?



  1. You have 7 seconds! Whether you are a single guy trying to meet a girl OR a Sales Professional trying to close your next sale, success or FAILURE depends on the first 7 seconds of your opener.
  2. EVERYONE is on Mobile!  Who do you know that doesn’t have a Smart Phone?  ANSWER: EVERYONE has a Smart Phone.  Ok… my 10 year old daughter is one person I know that doesn’t have a Smart Phone (but she’s got an iPod Touch, and an iPad, and she’ll have one before Christmas).
  3. It’s all about the customer!  As VP of Corporate Sales at ConnectAndSell, in 4 weeks,  over 1,500 dials, 100 phone conversations, and 8 hours at Dreamforce (#DF13), I’ve been reminded that at the end of the day, if you make your “opening line” about THEM using these simple words – “What’s Going on in YOUR digital world?“, you will have success earning the right to the next part of your conversation.

Final thoughts: The next time 1) you make a cold call, or 2) you open a sales call or 3) at one of the Dreamforce after parties this week such as RingCentral’sUNWINED with RingCentral at Dreamforce” on Wednesday from 6:30pm – 10:00pm at the Gallery Wendi Norris that you can find out about on your MOBILE APP downloaded at, try one line out to open up some interesting conversation with you SFDC peers – “What’s going on in YOUR digital world”.