Sales Acceleration Drives 24 Meetings at Sirius Decisions Conference!


Want to know how Sales Acceleration worked to drive 24 meetings with CEOs and VPs of Sales for ConnectAndSell at the Sirius Decisions Conference in < 2 hours of work?!  Come see us at the ConnectAndSell Case Study Session in Bay Hill 26 at 950am or 1045am Wednesday!!!

Step 1: Brilliant CEO idea on Tuesday, May 20th at 5pm to actually call ALL Sirius Decisions Attendees, vs. EMAIL/SPAM THEM like most vendors.

Step 2: Research Team cross references list of 2,500 attendee list with ideal customer profiled/target market, removes almost half from the list.

Step 3: Research Team works all night to append phone numbers (and email) to MOST of the 2,500+ attendees.

Step 4: Email & send connection request via LinkedIn to ALL qualified attendees.

Step 5: Load into ConnectAndSell Sales Acceleration Tool, make 2,779 Dial Attempts, leave 391 voicemails, talk to 60 Sirius Decisions Attendees, and schedule 24 meetings with CEO at Booth #44 at Sirius Decisions 2014!