What’s In A Logo Anyway?

After living in Charlotte, North Carolina for nearly 3 years, our family has been blessed to discover Elevation Church Elevation Church and the Elevation Network.  In < 3 years, we’ve seen incredible works of God happen in our lives – both of my Children accepted Christ, my cousin who was going through marital challenges was strengthened in his faith and their family is back together working through it with the help and support of Elevation staff and congregation, and my wife and I have also grown in our faith.

At the end of this year we’re moving to Denver, Colorado and at that time will be looking for a new church home–or, better yet, might be open to helping Elevation open “Elevation Denver” extension site!

Here is the dilemma and the title of the post – “What’s In A Logo Anyway?”  The church I attended growing up in Denver, and nearly every other church I’ve attended relies on THE logo that signifies Christianity – the cross.

So… What’s In A Logo Anyways?

Definition of “Logo – A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization (a logotype or wordmark).

Whether it’s FedEx, absolutely positively overnight… or my company ConnectAndSell, Conversations Matter, the Logo is essential to communicating the “brand” of the company.

Here is where this story hits home.  On a business trip last week to San Francisco to SalesForce.com’s annual conference, Dreamforce, I met up with a colleague who I hadn’t seen in almost 15 years.  This person introduced me to my wife, helped me find one of my first sales roles, and had a big impact on my life.  When I shared the story of how my church is one of the fastest growing churches in the country – he wanted to know more.

My friend asked:

  • What denomination is the church?  ANSWER: Non-denomination, leans Baptist I would say, what’s different is that the church uses a logo to promote itself (rather than a cross)?
  • What’s your Paster like? ANSWER: I shared that although he is accessible to some of the members of the church, generally he has security around even at the local diner and that when church members attempt to approach him, his security personnel will block these folks.  And that there has been some recent controversy around the size of home that he bought in Charlotte – my personal feeling is that our Pastor has every right to buy a home, and appreciate the fact that he’s bought it with proceeds from his book sales, and NOT church donations.
  • How is the children’s ministry?  ANSWER: My wife and I were surprised to learn that children’s ministry stops in the 5th grade so I also shared this with my friend.

A little later at dinner, two colleagues of mine and my friend were sharing personal stories of our faith, and turning points in our lives – at which point I learned that my friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  He then went on to share with me that EVERYTHING has changed for him and that he’s focused 100% on his children and his wife because it’s unknown how quickly this disease can take over.

I’ve always second guessed why my church is based on a logo of something other than a cross. And my friend who introduced me to my wife, trained me in the art of selling, and changed my life, challenged me to say “you are worshipping an idol”.  God, through Jesus saved you, and it’s because of what Jesus did on the cross that we are saved.

His advice – run the other way from your church.  I’ve tweeted about this before, I’ve seen miracles in our life because of Elevation, and rather than run the other way, thought I’d post this blog NOT to cause controversy, but to cause conversation about this important discussion – “What’s In A Logo Anyway”?

What say you?  Is a cross important to have in your church?  Is my friend over-reacting?  This is an important decision for us to either 1) join a new church in Denver or 2) bring the Elevation Church to Elevation Denver?!  At this point, where God is pointing me – without a logo change, I’m afraid the answer would be #1.