Super Bowl Lesson: The Best Offense is a Great Defense!

As a Denver Bronco Fan, like a lot of folks, a bit disappointed with the outcome of the Super Bowl last night.  But the outcome also makes me think about some life lessons that we can all learn from:

1) “Any given Sunday” – Anything can happen on a Sunday in Football.  The same holds true of a sales team.  TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More.  My Sales team has an aggressive sales quota this month, and TOGETHER, they can and will achieve it.


2) “Luck is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”.  I learned today that the Seattle Seahawks played the game a lot differently than the Denver Broncos.  Everyone heard that Seattle was ranked the #1 Defense, but did you know WHY?  ANSWER: The Seattle Seahawks invested up to 4-6 hours/day watching the film, NOT just of the plays, but of the individual players.  They knew that when Peyton Manning twitched his left leg, that he would tend to follow that twitch with another repeatable action.  How does this apply to a Sales Team?  ANSWER: To truly be the best sales person, it is essential to know why buyers buy, and how your competition is selling to them.  How will you present your product & service so that the buyer understands the “unique business value”?

3. It’s all about your Unique Business Value!  The Super Bowl commercials this year seemed dull compared to prior years (maybe it’s just me).  But what was incredible, how the car companies used their 30 second spots to highlight they UBV (Unique Business Value). The best one I saw was the Kia Commercial that was done like the Matrix – I’ve never thought about buying a Kia, now I think of it as an inexpensive luxury car.  

4. The will be another Super Bowl – next year!  If you didn’t hit your target in January as a Sales Rep, you can do it in February!  Pick yourself up, stay the course, learn from your mistakes.

Conclusion: Although disappointing this year, both teams get to go home in good health, and live to fight another day.  They should all be thankful for that.  My company, ConnectAndSell, enables Sales teams to be 3-8X more productive.  It’s like the Seattle Seahawks advantage last night.  If you want to have an unfair advantage like the Seahawks seemed to have, check out